Sunday, 15 May 2016

Step by step Moon in Virgo.

The Moon marks our emotional cycles. Today's  Moon in Virgo is all about the detail.Virgo's are fastidious, detail and sometimes critical to a fault; some would even say a bit neurotic, but aren't we all?! If you are a Virgo you may feel a bit more emotional or sensitive today or your dreams may be more vivid. With Saturn in the picture you may also be a bit cranky.

We are now at the first quarter Moon, halfway point between New Moon and Full Moon. Ironically, it looks like a half moon, but it is one quarter way through its monthly cycle.

This is where the seeds we planted, (both literal and metaphorical) get tested as they begining to sprout. Some will have landed on fertile ground, others will not make it. In one week, at the Full Moon,  we will then see some fruition...  as they push above the earth we will see which ones germinated.

There's an air of either anticipation or resignation as we wait for results.
Sun in Taurus is patient and plodding and reminds us that the harvest takes time.

The Virgo Moon links us to two dominant configurations in the sky that are creating a strong push-pull dynamic that has been taking two steps forward and one step back.

On one hand, a beautiful Grand Trine in earth Signs (blue triangle) is grounding and soothing us by deepening our connection to the earth and nature,  which helps us stay focused and disciplined while also enjoying the beauty of the  natural world. Sensual pleasure can bring much ... well... pleasure!

Jupiter (faith, joy, fairness) is  moving direct again, lifting some of the doom and gloom that has been prevalent recently.

On the other hand, we still have four retrograde planets and they continue to put the brakes on whatever endeavours we are involved with. That's not necessarily  a bad thing; it gets us to to review and reflect so we get adjust our trajectory and set things right.

Mercury crossing the Sun last Monday (see last post) hopefully brought some insight and inspiration in regards to how you think about all of the above....i.s. new information may have come to light that will help you in decision making, or you may have suddenly realized that you actually have more than you realized and all is well. Insights will tend to be focused n the Taurus area of your chart (see tab above for 'meaning of houses')

The the second majour aspect being activated by the Moon today is called a T- sqaure. Two points opposite each other each form a 90 degree angle to a third point. Looks like a T. (red triangle in chart)

Moon Jupiter brings a sense of optimism and exuberant joy that believes all will go well (Jupiter). It bumps into into a vague pessimism and fear that it won't (Saturn).   Things are also a bit dreamy and weird and all sorts of strange occurrences (Neptune ) are occurring, especially if you have Neptune aspecting a key part of your chart as I do. Things keep disappearing and reappearing, as I float about in a dreamy fog  doing my best to stay focused when needed.  This aspect ads to our internior world and encourages meditation, art, creativity.

Our Trust is definitely being tested (Neptune in Pisces)

The Moon in Virgo accentuates  Jupitairan optimism although in more circumspect sign of Virgo I would call this a 'quiet joy'. This is a good time to focus on health issues or organizing your stuff, or doing any sort of craft that requires dextrous nimble handwork.

Jupiter's contact with the Moons North Node (destiny point) seems to have opened up a portal. Many are leaving the planet, others want to, and the rest of us may feel a vague sense of longing to go home. Good thing we bring our home with us. Heaven is a state not a place so part of this energy helps us remeber that we are actually ok and everything we need is inside of us.

Saturn (doubt, fear)  is not so sure. It sits at s the pressure point of all this, and wants us to be practical. Dont go off getting lost in your dreams and schemes it warns us. Stay down here on earth where there is work to be done!!

Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius  get s us to examine our core beliefs and belief systems in general. The world dynamics are showing us how easily we can become stuck in rigid ideologies that separate us from each other.

Sagittarius, at its highest, is about knowing, not believing. Yet at its lowest,  its about know -it- all- ness ... and judging others beliefs as less valid than our own. I will write more next week about how theFull Moon in Sagittarius  brings our issues with beliefs systems out into full focus.

Moon in Virgo says pay attention to the details. Pay attention to your health.  Sun in Taurus says walk in nature and eat good food, enjoy your senses, and Pluto in Capricorn says allow the deconstruction to occur. Let the old systems die,  so we can rebuild a better world.

Lots going on, lots to think about, as Mercury continues it backward motion in Taurus. Overall, the Grand Earth Trine is a blessing in challenging times. Let mother earth hold you in her arms.

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." - Rumi

You know you want to!!!

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