Friday, 6 May 2016

New Moon in Taurus

Today is the New Moon in Taurus, with Sun, Venus, and Moon all together and  connecting to a Grand Earth Trine. A Grand Trine is three earth signs with planets all in similar degrees connecting to and reinforcing each other. Trines represent an easy flow of energy, so we can feel supported by this lovely earth energy.

Even though in pictures you often see the New Moon represented as a crescent Moon, if you look out in the sky you will not see that cresecent for a few days. When the Sun and Moon conjoin ('conjunctio', sacred marriage) the Moon is usually behind the Sun and thus not visible from down here in earth.

The merging of these Yin and Yang energies creates a burst of creative force that we can harness through intention for the coming month.

Taurus is a fixed feminine sign that links to the great earth mother and brings out our need for security. Taurus can be stubborn to an extreme, but it is this kind of persistence and patience that we need right now with five planets moving backward in the sky (perception only), meaning all sorts of delays and stalls and basic madness and mayhem.

 Ruled by Venus, this sign also represents the pleasure principle. With Venus so close to the Sun Moon conjunction, We want to feel GOOD! This is a time to tune into our senses and celebrate life as we eat drink and be merry.

Slow down, feel the earth beneath your feet,  and plant your seeds of intention in the fertile soil! Things are not moving too quickly anyway, so we may as well stop and smell the flowers!!!

You know you want to!

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