Sunday, 1 May 2016

May Day May 1st... Beltane

Hurray Hurray the First of May
Outdoor frolicking starts today!
Beltane (May Day) comes from the Celtic word meaning “fires of Bel.” It’s a reference to the Celtic sun deity, Belenus. Beltane, also spelled Beltine or Beltaine, gets its name as well from the Gaelic word "teine," meaning fire.

The ancient Celts marked the coming summer with feasts and rituals that honored fertility and the beginning of open pasturing, such as driving cattle between two bonfires — a custom that was believed to magically shield the animals from disease before they were led into summer pastures. A sacred fire is lit to draw the suns rays down to warm the earth, and couples leap over the fire for fertility.

The Sun is in fixed earth sign Taurus, part of a Grand Trine (planets in all three earth signs). This is stabilizing us, bringing some relief  in the midst of so much tension, change and upheaval, connecting us to mother earth. We honour her by celebrating all things related to nurturing and security: food, fire, fertility, fecundity, fun!!

It's a time to welcome the abundance of the fertile earth with food and fire and Maypole dancing. Oh and lots of sex!!

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