Saturday, 21 May 2016

Full Moon in Sagittarius Mercury Storm

Not only is there a Full Moon in fire sign Sagittarius later today, it's also the last day of Mercury retrograde! The time just before and after Mercury changes directions is called the 'Mercury Storm'. Things could get a little topsy-turvy at this time. (yes, even more so! ) 

Add a fiery Full Moon to that and  things may get downright testy.

In true  Mercury retrograde fashion, I've just lost the whole blog that I spent over an hour writing. Sigh! 

I'll come back here tomorrow to fill in the details. 

Main thing: Mars is a big part of this Full Moon. Mars presence adds aggression,  impatience, reactivity etc.

It could get stormy!

Look to Jupiter , as ruler of Sagittarius where the Moon is full, for best advice.

Jupiter in Virgo says keep it humble. Keep your head down. Let many things pass.

You know you want to!

More to follow...

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