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Anger and Desire: Mars Retrograde in Scorpio

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Now: On to the Astrology Forecast

Mars Retrograde  in Scorpio! 

Mars in our chart tells us a lot about what we want, how we go after it, and how we react when we do not get it. It also shows where aggression or assertion dominate our life.  Mars Retrograde is getting us to 'do- over' or review some aspect of the act of 'doing' or 'getting'  in our lives. Where it is in your chart by house will show the specific area of focus you need to  review or re-do. 

  Mars/Aries was the god of war:  representing action and assertion, initiative and leadership. When thwarted, Mars energy becomes impatient and reactive,  frustrated,  aggressive and angry; from temper tantrums to outright violence!

As Mars slips back into its home sign of Scorpio, our desires will become amplified and for some,  thwarted,  throwing us back on ourselves to  re-examine our deepest (and often hidden) fears around getting our 'needs' and 'wants' met. The recent  opposition to Venus (giving/receiving love) at the last Full Moon amplified the focus on relationships as the arena for learning about what we want, desire, resist etc,

Mars  is our 'applied will' and 'core drives'. It  links to  our libido, our urges, who or what we go after,  and what we would do if/when we 'get' it or them (or not). 

Mars retrograde can trigger survival issues around both sex and money (fear of lack), meaning those of us who are in the direct path of this energy (by transit) will be dealing with our 'stuff' around not only sexuality and the nature of desire, but also shared resources, financial agreements, inheritances, divorces etc. This will impact everyone in small ways, and  those with Mars emphasized in their charts, or a strong Aries or Scorpio (Moon, Asc or  Sun sign) or  personal planets in the later degrees of Scorpio  will feel it most intensely.

Some of us will become highly energized by all of it!

Some will not!!

As our achilles heel becomes exposed, we may discover where we are strongest, and where we are our weakest.  Often  great stress forces us to discover how much resilience we have deep inside. In terms of relationships, we all hit periods where our love life is challenging. And yes, under some circumstances, this could bring out the worst in us. See it as a kind of test.   The point is  not to just criticize yourself for your perceived failings, but to face and deal with them.  Celebrate the fact that despite such an adverse climate, you are still here and you are even (almost) thriving!

All of this follows a period of Mars moving through the dynamic sign of  Sagittarius, where we got in touch with  the archetype of the cosmic warrior and spiritual adventurer extraordinaire, while at the same time examining  inherited religious and spiritual concepts that keep us from discovering our own truth.  

Now, as Mars continues its backward journey into Scorpio, we will continue to reexamine our  core beliefs,  focused on these Scorpio themes. For instance, core shame gets embedded at an early age and can have a profound influence on how we go after what we feel we deserve (or feel we don't).

"Don't be fooled into thinking that there is something wrong with you. Don't be tricked into believing that you are somehow too difficult to deal with or too hard to love. You're not. "
Oliver Cainer

This is just a chance to clean out a bit more of old stuff that we don't need to hang onto any longer. As we learn from our past we get to re-do our future in a more positive way. We've moved from the outer adventure (Sagittarius) to the inner one! When we re enter Sagittarius later in August, we will hopefully be carrying  less internal \baggage around anger, sex, money etc. with a better view of what we want to manifest in our world.

Meanwhile, as we learn how to  process and express our anger,  we will find out the difference between assertion and aggression (Mars), or  the difference between desire and lust (Scorpio).   

Do use caution and discretion when feeling upset; and beware of acting on impulse.  In this climate our Mars energy can  come back to bite us! Desires thwarted easily become anger at others, or at oneself, and can cause confusion or self pity.
Embrace the confusion... it has much to teach you.. about yourself. 



 You know you want to!

 Anger in the signs:

#1 Cardinal Signs: Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer
​ The modality with the most anger is the cardinal signs. With their constant need to push forward, they succumb to anger easily because they often feel thwarted by anything that impedes their forward momentum. Furthermore, they get frustrated by anyone or anything that takes away their ability to be in charge.

#2 Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces
The mutable signs often feel a lack of control, which causes them anger. It is common for them to feel controlled by circumstances or other people without a real ability to force or defend their own agenda. Their inability to lead and their lack of self control, causes some anger. 

#3 Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
​ It's the fixed signs who are least susceptible to anger because of their great self-control, which actually restrains anger. They also have less desire to lead than the cardinal signs and less fear of being controlled by others as the mutable signs. Therefore, they experience less frustration and less anger. Having fixed signs actually works to reduce anger. (excerpted
from southfloridaastrologer)

Astro Details:
Mars retrograded (travelled backward) back into Scorpio early Friday May 27th, and will remain in Scorpio until August 2, 2016,  when it returns to Sagittarius again. This puts a strong focus on both Sagittarius and Scorpio, as the planet of war zig-zags between the two.  Overall, Mars will have spent almost 4 1/2 months in Scorpio in 2016 (longer than usual than it stays in any sign)  because  of the retrograde ( April 17 - June 29, 2016).


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