Wednesday, 6 April 2016

New Moon in Aries. Breakthrough!

It’s now just one day before Sun and Moon meet up Aries. We have a short moment to pause under the Dark of the Moon,  and gather ourselves before we begin the next cycle. Even as it joins the Sun on Thurs, the Moon will remain invisible. Then, slowly over a few days, a crescent will appear in the sky as the monthly process of waxing and waning begins anew.

Just as the rise and fall of the tides are linked to the pull of the Moons gravity, so too our bodies are tuned to her rhythms. We are two thirds water are we not?  Bones marked to keep track of women’s cycles were the beginning of recorded  time; and perhaps that began our never ending fascination with the heavenly objects in the skies above us.

If you are still feeling a bit stuck in the past, or spaced out by the Piscean fog that descended on us last month,  this Aries New Moon represents a majour point of ignition!  

Much has been cleared off of the runway over this last very emotional month, and now, as we prepare for takeoff, we must focus on the necessary checks and balances to make sure all is ready and our instruments are in working order.

Uranus, Pluto and Dwarf planet Eris will soon give us a turbo boost that could provide enough rocket fuel to blast us far out into the stratosphere.

Hence, the caution.

There are powerful forces at play now and they are not easily directed or contained. It’s like a wild horse is pulling you in many directions at once that can tear your limbs off. It’s going to take all our strength and wits to keep things under control and on course.

The  tension  from Pluto and Uranus are stirred up even more by Eris, goddess of discord, and it looks like things are going to get interesting. Although the exact conjunction of these disruptive energies (Uranus, Eris) doesn’t happen until May/June, their proximity to the New Moon means we are  seeing and feeling their effects already. (see last post)

For example, we have,  center stage of media awareness, Donald Trump, with his radical and outrageous outburst and ridiculous stances,  an obvious embodiment of Eris energy.  Then there is also Bernie Sanders, representing the more positive side of Eris, who many see as a maverick that continues  to upset the Democrats  status quo. No one really knows how its all going to turn out, as we all watch in disbelief at the bizarre day to day antics of people who are aiming to lead the most powerful country on earth (at this time).  Ayaiyaiyai!    All of which is a perfect example of the energies I am speaking of.

Politics aside, some sort of disruption or radical change will be shaking up many of us in strange and unexpected ways. Neptune continues to warp reality, and the  tension between the forces of expansion (Jupiter) and contraction (Saturn)  create added pressure.

Are we having fun yet?

As I said last week, if you can find a way to harness this wild and unusual energy,  great things can be accomplished.  Just remember that bright fires burn out quickly. Saturn will be a sobering force in all this as it impedes and tempers our rashness. It can  help us  structure our advances so they will remain in place once the energy has faded. Try to avoid extremes. Think of a bi-polar person on a manic high who suddenly comes crashing down. Don't do that, if you can help it.

Robert Wilkinson at Aquarius Papers says “ It requires using time (Saturn) as our ally to achieve measured expansion, yet not allow rules or discouragement (Saturn again) to block our possibilities."

So its definitely possible this New Moon will help us  ‘Break on through to the other side!  We just need to consider what we will do once we get there!!!

Then again, how do you plan for such a thing?

Once last thing can give us an advantage,.  Uranus represents what has been called our ‘meta-cognition’, our unique genius. This energy can activate the  intuitive knowing of the higher mind,  to guide us through these uncharted waters. If you are unsure of how to proceed,  wait for flashes of insight, and be prepared to make  mental leaps that can reveal  possibilities you could have never  imagined even a few few months ago. 

Set your intention... then

Expect the unexpected!

You know you want to!

Happy New Moon.

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