Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Living the dream... A Visual Essay!

 Does it sometimes seem like you are going two steps forward and three steps back?  Or going in circles?

Are you frustrated with making so much effort, yet continuing to repeat the same mistakes?

 Does every effort seem huge and the end never quite in sight?
 Do the people around you seem to be helping or hindering your progress?

Are there more questions than answers!? !!!

The astrology right now is pushing us to step out of our comfort zones and open our eyes to new possibilities. Yet some of us are not so sure of where it is we are meant to be going in the first place!

Mars (forward action) is about to turn retrograde, giving us a breather as we slow down to get our bearings.  This may cause some to become impatient or begin to doubt their vision.

The thing is, sometimes those backward steps are just as important as  what we see as progress.  Insights are gained when we slow down and take the time to examine the path we are taking (or creating). We're entering a cycle containing  several retrogrades  that will take us inward to examine (yes ... again) our inner motives, our outward plans, our self fulfilling beliefs etc. 

The confusion and mixed messages right now (WTF?) are increased by the weird tension between Saturn (structure, concrete reality) and Neptune (lack of structure, illusions and delusions). Some of us are   torn between taking responsibility (Saturn) or just escaping it all (Neptune).  Are you 'living the dream' or just dreaming?

Which brings us back to  Uranus: Visionary, Exciting, Sudden Change, Awakening! ...  sitting strong in Aries,  sign of initiative, leadership, personal drive.

 This energy is opening the way for a new vision of what we want in our life,  and helping us find a better (and new) way to manifest our dreams. The Saturn Neptune aspect insists we ground those dreams in reality. It truly is time 'walk our talk' if we want our dreams to manifest. A Grand Trine in earth signs right now will help stabilize and ground us while we continue to explore our options.

Meanwhile, we get to create our future... one day at a time.  The future is NOW!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step!

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