Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Keep calm and Carry on! ... Full Moon in Scorpio.

On Thurs/ April 21/22 (depending on where you live) a Scorpio Full Moon sits opposite the Sun in early Taurus. A Full Moon brings current energies to a head, and given the amount of tension out there right now, things could get interesting.

Full Moons create a polarized  field between our conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon)  that often plays out in our relationships. Others become mirrors or triggers for our 'stuff'. Remember, it takes two to tango (or tangle)! 

The Full Moon occurs against the background of an intense dynamic tension between Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn. (The circled areas of chart below show a tense configuration called a t-square) This combo  is causing all sorts of push-pull, up-down, in-out craziness that is challenging our cherished beliefs about what we want to do and how we want to to do it.

The energy of this Moon is going to bring our deeper issues to the surface. Here we go again!

Scorpio, (sex, death and taxes (oh fun!) i. e. shared resources, has a reputation as being dark and sultry and just  a little bit dangerous. Welcome to the the dark side...(just kidding)

Seriously though,  Scorpio does  seem to be a magnet for the shadowy underbelly of people and things, and also contains the ability to peer beneath the masks people  wear. This water sign is all about both inner and outer transformation. This is a time for looking into the depths of your being. And when you do, you never know what you'll find there. 

I don't mean to scare you. There is plenty of good there. It's just that we tend to avoid the bad and the ugly,  and right now whatevet we have been avoiding may come up to be acknowledged. It takes some courage to dive into these deep waters, yet there is always a gift, even amongst the shadows. 

So much has been brought up and swept away in recent weeks, it hard to imagine there is still more to face. This is going to take us to the next layer. 

As we wait to see what will emerge from the ashes, remember that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. It's no accident that the  Phoenix is one of the  Scorpio symbols.  Because the process we are now in concerns the deepest part of our being, our survival instincts can get easily triggered. Not to worry. Scorpio also brings with it an ability to transcend ordinary limitations. We can do this! 

Thing is, both Mars and Pluto,  who co-rule Scorpio have  just turned retrograde, which means our instinctive drives will be turned inward for a while.  So the solution to whatever dilemma arises will found on the inside, rather than in external solutions.

Anyone with a Scorpio Sun, Asc, Moon or other key planets or points in early Scorpio, could find themselves slowing down and  turning inward for the next few months.  This feeling will be amplified by Mars (action, aggression) bumping up against Saturn (restriction) and squaring Jupiter (expansion), creating an inner pressure seeking an outlet that is not easily found; like  driving with the brakes on! It is  going to be two steps forward one step back (see last two posts) 

Plus,  Venus, planet of love and money, is also in tension with  Scorpio's ruler Pluto,  adding  extra charge to our relationships, and particularly sexual relationships or those involving money. This can increase an extra juicey sensuality, so not all bad! 

With Venus in close contact with Uranus and Eris (scroll down to see last few posts) some of us will feel infused with  rebellious, renegade urges, triggering the strong compulsion to break away from others at all costs. 

As Venus also rules money, it's entirely possible we might see more chaos and  instability in  global money markets. In either scenario, the risks are high, and so are the rewards. This could spell freedom from impossible situations,  and give us a final boost to get out from under something restrictive or limiting. Or, that windfall we have been hoping for could suddenly arrive (ya never know). 

The trick is reading the signals correctly and not doing something you will regret later. They say never but more than you're willing to lose!

 The current Grand Trine in Earth signs (see the blue triangle on the chart image)  stabilizes things to a point with  Sun  in fixed earth sign Taurus helping  to ground and fine tune our senses. The Grand Trine provides a kind of container for all this bubbling and boiling up that's occurring. A crucible, if you will, so transformation can occur, rather than just destruction.

Our emotions (Moon)  are volitile under this Moon;  we may find ourselves highly reactive; lashing out or making sudden, erratic decisions, due to the intense  psychological pressure of these aspects.

Caution advised.

Both Uranus and Neptune urge us to take a more intuitive,  spiritual approach. Instead of forcing the situation, it suggests  we let go of outcomes.   Put ego aside and ask for higher guidance. Then let the cards fall where they may. 

Trust required.

The question remains, trust in what? 

It seems we are being asked to balance our dreams (Neptune) with  reality (Saturn) as webmaneuve through these tricky situations.  We will have to walk our talk, and be willing to question deeply held beliefs or habits of behaviour.   

Yes, that grand vision actually is still possible; it really is time to set our sails for new horizons. Just be prepared for any eventuality. 

And when  blockages, resistance or hidden negativity  come to the surface, be thankful you are seeing them for what they are.  Better they be seen and faced now, rather than when you are half way across the ocean with a leaky boat!   If we do  the inner work, the outer manifestation will fall into place at the correct time. 

Meanwhile, Keep calm and carry on!

You know you want to!

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