Thursday, 21 April 2016

Happy Full Moon

Happy Full Moon everyone. May you be transformed and transfixed! 

With the intensity of this Scorpio Moon (see last post) rippling out for days, we may be diving deep as we explore whats at the  core of our being. We will learn more about the nature of love and desire as we let go of old programs that limit our perception and thus our experience. That could trigger some fear, yet all it takes is faith, and trust that you will emerge victorious, like the phoenix.

The overall lesson of this Full Moon is about letting go and taking risks... and having faith (that everything will be ok) . 

You know you want to!
I would like to welcome both new and old readers to this blog and hope you will enjoy my random offerings here. I try to write something on the New and Full Moons, and sometimes in between. If you sign up for the email list (top of right, side bar) you will be notified when there is a new post. 

 I hope to start posting a bit about hand reading soon, as well as some info re SoulCollage® although the main focus will remain the current astrology.

 I started this blog to introduce myself to potential clients and it has grown from there (7 years!) I occasionally bump into someone who says they read my blog and I can't tell you how fun that is. If you are enjoying what I write here then drop me a line now and then to let me know.

Re 'Art and Soul' Collage: I have always enjoyed symbol systems like Astrology tarot, dream-work etc. and  SoulCollage® fits right in with those modalities. Working with imagery and archetypes suits my artistic nature as well as my astrological bent. I lead local Art and Soul workshops at either the New or Full Moon each month, imcluding a short intro to the general astrological weather.

 I am not quite yet a fully trained facilitator (yet), that is in progress, and in the meantime I  am enjoying this playful method of putting images on cards and discovering what they are saying to us. No artists training required. It's a powerful yet simple method for self discovery and interpersonal growth, and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

I am also planning a weekend astrology workshop soon, using these same type of  collage cards to explore   basic elements in our birth chart, such as Sun, Moon and Ascendant.
More to come on that.

 If you want to contact me re local Art and Soul Collage events, or to have an Astrology reading,  please email me at

For more info on  SoulCollage® go to

You know you want to :)

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