Friday, 1 April 2016

Face your fear and do it anyway!

 Happy April Fools Day!

Have you been tricked or fooled lately? This is a perfect time to remember that we are not in control as much as we think we are (or want to be). The laugh is on us!

So much is changing and morphing right now,  it's easy to feel confused and bewildered, as every day brings another challenge, or another weird development. We are still feeling the effects of two recent eclipses (see last posts) which will  continue to ripple out over the next few months.  As we transition between  old and the new,  we are being buffeted by strange winds,  making it a challenge to keep our bearings. 

 Our forward drive, new visions, new ideas (Sun Uranus and Mercury in Aries) are in tension with forces of intense change and crisis, and the urge to stay in control (Pluto) is putting us  under immense pressure. 

Yesterday and today the Moon in Capricorn (where Pluto is) adds to the  tension. We may fear that what we envisioned  'cant' or 'won't' happen, and instead give in to the urge to go back to what is familiar or safe. Only we can't. Everything has changed and there is no going back, even if we want to.

Under so much edgy pressure it's easy to act compulsively and to say or do something we will later regret. We may become obsessed with attack thoughts or judgements, or get tangled up in knee jerk reactions to what is going on around us, as we feel old addictions taking over again (the urge to escape the pressure) .

Naysayers may show up to  question our goals and ideas. Or you may become the naysayer! That's not necessarily such a bad thing. As Neptune continues to inspire us with visions and possibilities,  it can also delude us.  Whether a job or a relationship or a personal project, so much is in flux right now its hard to decipher whats fantasy and what's fact.  Uncertainty abounds.

Yet there's a lot of energy at our disposal if we can harness it in some way.   As our  high expectations  propel us forward, and our doubts surface, we can temper both  with clear grounded foresight (ha) and cautious optimism. If we resist facing  our limitations,  reality may intrude in the form of stalled plans (Saturn), petty details (Jupiter in Virgo), power struggles (Pluto) extra responsibility etc,  triggering doubts and insecurities when things don't go the way we planned.

When planets turn retrograde (right now Saturn, then Mars, then Pluto) things get slowed down. All of this will challenge our  expectation and  beliefs around what we have envisioned.  Inherited beliefs  are already under scrutiny with Saturn in Sagittarius. Often we don't realize how deep our conditioning big goes. 

Such as: "I don't deserve to be happy, successful', or, 'I do deserve to be happy successful ' (except I think it should just fall in my lap without any effort)   Both are distorted beliefs resulting in... Why me? Poor me etc.

To avoid feeling victimized by circumstances, we will  need  to rise above and see the bigger picture (Sagittarius).

Discernment is the key (Jupiter in Virgo).  Trust in yourself.  Listen to that inner voice.

We also can be  aware that at the moment there is a big tendency to project our 'stuff' onto others.  Mind your own business and tend to your own ship.


It may be 'two steps forward one step back' but you will get there in the end! Sometimes you have to tack against the wind, zig when you want to zag!

Luckiy, this weekend the Moon in Aquarius will bring us a bit of detachment and objectivity. Aquarian are able to 'think outside the box'. Our hidden genius may find a clear way through even yet!

One last thing: (there's always one last thing isnt there?)

We are heading toward an exact conjunction (meet up) between Uranus (the Awakener) and Eris (the Shit-Disturber) which guarantee some sudden and unexpected events or  breakthroughs. These may be triggered by confrontations or intense dramas fueled by the urge to break free of limitations that we feel have been imposed upon us (by ourselves or by others) 

(You can go to to create a chart  and see what area (house) Aries falls in, then then look up meanings in then tab above: 'Meaning of Houses' to see where a breakthrough is immanent).

This is one of the majour aspects of 2016  and many will look back on this period in as a defining moment.  Something big has been  brewing  for a while now and many of us are coming to a profound turning point  in the not too distant future (May/June).

I know, I know, astrologers are always saying that.  Yet we do live in a time of profound transformation and change, as we teeter on the edge of an era. This coming planetary meet-up marks another  key moment in our personal and collective history. All that has been healing, shifting, stirring has been clearing the stage for this event. The recent eclipses stirred the pot, bringing 'old stuff' to the surface ready to be skimmed off and released. We are in the transition now as we shake off whatever has been holding us back for so long.

   These two very revolutionary planets will activate totally unexpected factors and the ensuing fallout could have a direct impact on where we are heading. 

If you have been sailing in uncharted waters,  look to the horizon for signs of a new wind blowing. And as always, these energies will have the most impact on people who have planets in cross hairs of these planets ( especially mid to late  Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

And just pray that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train!! LOL!
(just kidding) Change is good. Really! 

These things manifest in very powerful ways.  I cannot tell you how many charts I have seen of people hit by the Pluto Uranus square who underwent extreme and dramatic changes in their lives exactly as  auto or Uranus (or both) crossed some key part of their chart.  Of course everyone is different in how they will respond etc, although that too will show up in  a persons astrology. It's very helpful to understand your own ways of acting and reacting (and creating) in the midst of changing weather. We are all co creators of our own story, no matter the circumstances. Just good to know the lay of the land before you head out on the journey.

They are also part of the global breakdown that has been under way for several years.  If you want a more political slant on the Uranus Eris conjunction (Radical Awakening) , I recommend Eric Francis at Planet Waves (see side bar) who is a journalist that writes about astrology with a particular focus on American political scene (which at the moment is a perfect embodiment of these crazy energies) I mean Donal Trump!?? Really??? I think we will be seeing something interesting occurring on that front soon,  but I will leave it to others to delve into that arena.

In the meantime, all we can do is keep on keeping on!  Don't be distracted by the insanity around you (or in  you) A combination of clear thinking and intuition (gut instincts) will help you navigate the road ahead.  Even if you don't see the big picture (yet) you can still focus on the next step. You can still enjoy the dance, one step at a time.

You know you want to.

"Two people met up at a holiday resort.  As they were dancing together the first evening, one of them said...  "I'm only here for the weekend."
The other replied, 
"I'm dancing as fast as I can."

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