Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Colouring Outside the Lines Sun Uranus Eris in Aries

It's definitely time for something completely different. It's time for you to be more you than you have ever been.

Is that possible? I mean, you are who you are ... aren't you?

In reality we can only be ourselves anyway ... (who else could we be?),  but sometimes we can get lost playing roles or pleasing others or fulfilling some old expectation of ourselves based on inherited family values or cultural norms or someone else's agenda.

Well, enough of that!!

 Sun, Uranus and Eris in Aries emphasize a  Very Strong Urge for Unique Self Expression. Eris being the goddess of discord, this may mean stepping away from others expectations and stirring things up a little. You may ruffle some feathers, if up to now you have tended to colour within the lines. Suddenly, you are stepping way out of bounds and it feels so good. Don't worry about what anyone says or thinks. This is your life!

What's that saying about how playing small doesn't serve anyone? Yeah that one.

So remember, there is only one you, and you are it!
 Let your light shine!

You know you want to!

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You know you want to :) !


  1. Thank you for this.:) After a dream I had the other morning I've been searching for information on Eris conjunct Uranus. Until my dream I hadn't consciously realized how close the two are to one another . . . which explains the timing of my dream and its deeper message, which was powerful. Ever since transiting Eris joined my 8H SN in Aries a few years ago (and opposed my 2H NN-Venus in Libra, while trining my 4H Saturn), my awareness and values have been in a constant state of flux, as if I'm straddling two worlds, trying to decide how much I'm willing to give up now that I *know* what I know.

    In my dream, a woman wearing white stood directly opposite me, maybe 15 feet away, in an otherwise empty all-white room, flooded with light. In her arms she held a basket of apples ~ green, red and gold, from which she plucked one, a combination of red and gold (a Gala). She held it up, telling me it was her favorite then asked if I knew what it was called.

    I responded it was my favorite too and that it was a "pomegranate". She agreed, then began tossing the so-called “pomegranate” apples at me from across the space between us. Though I easily caught each piece of fruit hurled at me, somehow I was unable to throw them back. No matter how hard I tried, each piece of fruit remained stuck to my hand, finally transforming into a single smaller apple stuck between my fingers. At one point I tried using my left arm to throw, but the apple only plopped down in front of me.

    Obviously there are a lot of different layers to the dream and its symbols (apple, pomegranate, white, the right and left sides) and what it was trying to convey about my shadow.

    The archetypal energies of both Persephone and Ceres also played a role ~ on the morning of my dream I had a number of exact aspects involving the two. In my natal chart, my 8H Eris is exactly conjunct True (Osculating) Lilith and exactly opposite my 2H Ceres, part of my chart's Mystic Rectangle involving my IC/MC which are exactly conjunct the fixed stars Antares/Aldebaran.

    With natal 12H Uranus (and Pluto), I'm often amazed by the astrological connections to archetypes and symbols which appear in my dreams. While researching the symbolism of pomegranates, I discovered they're associated with garnets ~ which is the stone I found and fell in love with last week and had planned on using in my new wedding ring, having recently lost my old set.

    What makes the dream's message so telling is my growing ambivalence about buying/collecting *new* gemstones or pieces of jewelry now that I have a fuller understanding of the harm and suffering frequently associated with their production. I've been very disappointed, even critical, of those who know and continue to collect crystals for spiritual purposes, and yet here Eris was reminding me of my own hypocrisy and of how I'm just as much a part of the problem.:(

    In a much bigger and collective sense, I think Eris-Uranus in Aries says something about the dark underbelly of self-interest and consumerism, our explore-and conquer attitudes. And of how our obsessions with all of the 'things' designed to advance and improve our lives (money, power, disposable technology, bigger and better) are also alienating us from our more soulful, creative-intuitive connections to planet and one another, always beginning with those among us who can least afford to bear the burden.

    I'm waking up, but still struggling.

    1. Dear LB, Thank you for sharing your dream journey. Powerful images there and looks like you are used to working with both astrology and the symbolic dream references.

      Gold is the colour of alchemical transformation and red the colour of passion and life forces. And you obviously are aware of how the Pomegranate links to Pluto reflects deep (and life changing) transformation. Not an easy path yet many of us are on it!(do we have a choice?)

      Interesting that you couldnt 'return' the apple/pomegranates... lessons around receiving?

      I am currently exploring something called Soul Collage® , making cards around key images and themes in my life and my dreams. You might enjoy it.

      Waking up is not easy when we have been asleep for so long. Safe journey!!

  2. Hi Raven ~ Thanks for your thoughtful response, including your collage suggestion! I've briefly looked at it before, will check it out again.

    And yes, definitely "lessons around receiving" ~ in this case, specifically in connection with the beautiful (but expensive) garnet stone I mentioned, which left me temporarily bewitched and wanting to claim it as my own!

    In the days since I left my original comment, during active imagination (and in response to my having asked why I was so drawn to the stone), I watched as the garnet grew taller and wider until it turned into a door and I was invited in to bathe in its fire and warmth, which felt like coming home. As I was leaving I noticed two sticks (The River Styx?) lying just inside, was told they were mine to carry with me, to use to create my own fire.

    Much as I loved the garnet it wasn't the best choice, for a number of reasons. Once I understood what it symbolized and *why* I was struggling to let go, it became much easier to release my material connection to it.

    Acknowledging any hypocrisy on my part and trying to be more mindful, less superficially (or unconsciously) motivated in my choices is important too. Persephone's decision to eat of the pomegranate, Eris' thrown golden apple, even Eve eating the forbidden apple from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" . . . all say something about and help to reveal those places in our psyches where we're not nearly as blameless, innocent or 'fair' as we might like to think.:) Better to face the dark and find the 'gold'.

    Thanks again! I enjoy your posts and hope you'll continue to write about Eris.

  3. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your earlier suggestion, Raven.:) I read more about Soul Collage and watched a few videos ~ then began collecting/organizing my supplies. I love the idea of making my own cards, maybe even incorporating pieces of my old artwork.

    It occurred to me my not being able to throw using my right (creativity/imagination) arm, might also have something to do with my resistance to creating art again. Your suggestion came at just the right time!