Saturday, 6 February 2016

New Moon in Aquarius: Whats your vision?

Monday's New Moon in Aquarius is going to put the 'kick' in 'kick start!'  Mars in in the mix to make sure we really do finally get going after a month of delays and reflections and inner musings. Now its time to get a move on!

We are getting ready for some NEW Energy.

Aquarius is  the 'quirky' in all of us, and helps us think outside the box. Its time to break free of whatever has been holding us back, although it may take some effort, the planets are lined up in our favour. Aquarius is the maverick who doesn't like to follow the crowd, and yet, ironically, also represents the collective, the group. But its a different kind of group. Think 60's and hippies and free love, united in a cultural revolution. Don't worry, you dont have to grow your hair and start wearing beads (unless you want to). The age of Aquarius is about defining our individuality as well as recognizing our unique connection to all humanity, based on equality and love for all.

We're all in this together.

Hmmmmm. Mars presence may challenge all this peace and love stuff, although it will help us fight for what is right! Use the Mars energy to benefit the whole group in some way and you will be on the right track. For example:  my friend Angie  is working to support Syrian refugees in Calais; raising funds, bringing over coats, shoes, clothing, collecting old cell phones etc. She has a lot of Mars in her chart and I so admire the way she is using it in combination with some good ol' human compassion to help those in need.

Aquarius, is called The Water Bearer. That's funny, giving Aquarius is an air sign. The image signifies the universal waters of life, and Aquarius  represents the whole of us as we wander through our journeys here on planet earth. We are 'one',  yet we are also 'alone'.  There's always a time for standing on our own two feet and a time for joining with others. Aquarians are a visionary sort. They see outside the box. Unconventional is an understatement. Even if on the surface they seem rather ordinary, there is always something quirky about this sign.

Aquarius will help bring us the detachment and discernment needed to make clear decisions. That will be most helpful in the midst of so much  fiery reactivity brought on by Mars (and Venus Pluto).  It also represents the internet and the way we can all connect globally. Our thoughts and words can travel far, with much potential for good (or bad)

The Mercury retrograde urged us to reflect and  think about how we use our constructive energy (Capricorn). Now Aquarius bring alive the visionary in all of us as we endeavour to do something positive in our lives and in the world.

On this New Moon its time to plant the seeds that will soon sprout  new possibilities.  We've had to wait a bit so we could be clear on what and who we wanted. As Mercury moves forward over lost ground,   its full steam ahead, with the caveat to take things step by step (Saturn) and plant your seeds in fertile soil (Venus Pluto Capricorn)

Well almost full steam ahead. Just until Monday we are  sitting in what is called the 'Dark of the Moon', a pregnant pause before the new Moon cycle begins; one last reflection.  Many are now looking to see where exactly the chips have fallen after an intense Pluto ruled week.  Old loves may have reappeared (Venus Pluto) only to be vanquished again. Or maybe they are sticking around this time. Some are still in the process of figuring it all out. As I said in the last post, there is a fated quality about these recent energies, as we come to forks in the road of our destiny.

Jupiter's influence showers blessings on all, and rekindles our faith in humanity. Saturn is there to temper our enthusiasm with a bit of caution. Best to look before you leap.

Overall,  New Moons are  pure alchemy. As the Sun (masculine) and Moon (feminine) conjoin they create seed energy to carry us forward.

Good to know there are transformative forces at work within us and around us. Make a wish and let your New Moon intention carry you forward!

You know you want to! 

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