Friday, 5 February 2016

How deep is your love?

This weekend we are entering a powerful, passionate field of love. We can expect lots of fireworks this weekend as 
Moon (emotions) 
Venus (Love), 
Pluto (death transformation) 
and Mercury (communication) 
all meet up in Capricorn.

If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.
This may be a fateful weekend  as these powerful energies let loose.   An old flame could reappear under this transit. Time to finally let go? Or perhaps those flames get rekindled! Some wont be able to handle it, and will walk away, while others will stick around to enjoy the play. 

Financial losses or gains could also be dramatic and sudden. (Venus rules love and money).  Let the chips fall where they may. 

On Sunday,the New Moon in Aquarius will kickstart a new wave of energy that signifies a fresh start.  New Moment, New choice!

 Jupiter lined up with the North Node destiny Point is about realigning  our relationships to  our life purpose. What doesn't fit has to change or go. This process has been going on for a few years now, as we take the next step in peeling away the layers surrounding our authentic core.

As we go through this release of old habits and core beliefs, there is an automatic shift in awareness, Jupiter can trigger completions by  expanding us beyond the current situation or dynamic. Whatever happens, this energy  requires a release of some kind.  Its exact conjunction to the North Node in Virgo signifies we are at an important fork in the road moment. There is a possibility of deep healing through joyful expansion. The desire to be of service in this world (Virgo) could inspire us to step up to the plate in some way.

And even if the Pluto Venus energy brings you some kind of ending, you can be sure it is opening the way for glorious new beginnings.

This doesn't necessarily mean the literal death of a relationships (or of your money) although it might.  It does  mean that old patterns are no longer tolerated and will get swept way to make room for a joyous renewal of some kind.

This energy wants to free us up to love deeper and more profoundly than we ever have.  

Although there is no doubt this could be a juicy weekend for some, these fires are not just burning for those in one to one relationships. It's really about transforming the way we love, be it with another or in connection to  our own self. 'Love' is much more than our romantic fantasies. In fact it may be those old projections that need to go to make room for something completely different.

 Uranus offers the chance to free ourselves from self limiting patterns, as we go through an awakening around  how much we love and value (or don't) our own self.

I will be back tomorrow  to talk about Sunday's New Moon in Aquarius. Where it falls in your chart (see house list in top menu)  will show where to revision some aspect of your life (most probably the one that is currently undergoing this transformation) 

The Chinese New Year is also upon us as we step into the playful year of the Fire Monkey. There is a fresh breeze on its way that will  blow away the ashes of the old structures in our lives. This new perspective  will  help shift us into the next stage of development. All this is moving toward fulfilling the mandate of the new era (age of Aquarius)  based on a deeper, broader  understanding of universal love and the  recognition that we are all in this together.  

Meanwhile,  sit back, let go and  enjoy the ride!

You know you want to!  

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