Sunday, 21 February 2016

Full Moon Virgo Awakening the Dream

How does your imagination colour your world?   What do you long for? What do you dream of? Where do you go when you feel lost, spaced out, confused?

We are about to find out! 

This Monday, February 22, the Moon will be Full in Virgo, opposite the Sun and Neptune in the sign of Pisces. Despite the Moon being in detail oriented, logical Virgo, this is a very non linear,  creative, and  unusually dreamy Full Moon.

Pisces is the energy of an eternal, ethereal source, the ultimate  oneness. That which we are really always seeking in everything we do (whether we know it or not) ... a way to return to our original innocence.

A way to remember ....

Virgo is about purification and healing. It is also about service and the striving for perfection. The Sun in Pisces opposite the Full Moon  represents a call for conscious awakening.  If we answer this powerful pull toward redemption, we can heal the illusion of separation. The trick is to do it consciously.

Neptune is strong as it activates powerful energies from deep in the unconscious watery realm. Both Neptune and Pisces represent intuitive, almost psychic aspects of our being.

Both intoxication or enchantment are part of Neptune's influence. What cannot be seen in the 'real' world has reality in our dreams.  And both can bring  benefits and detriment. That longing can lead us into a world of illusions and delusions. We try to fill that longing with people, objects, substances. Some of them seem to work, for a while.

I just watched the film 'Amy', about Amy Winehouse; a very tragic example of an amazingly  talented and highly creative person getting lost in the land of sex, drugs and alcohol (and fame and fortune). She became a poster child for the tragic tortured artist! It's very common with creative people. Opening oneself to the creative flow means a weaker hold on the day to day existence. The pull of the otherworldly can be dangerous. Yet this energy is  what creates beauty in art and  music  and poetry.

So tread wisely in the realm of the watery muse. Or learn to swim! If you  need a way to ground yourself while this mystic river flows through us and around us,  Saturn can provide some boundaries. There is tension with Saturn so we may resist being contained or confined.  Virgo brings discernment and healing.  Mars in Scorpio urges us to break on through to the other side! Expressed through dancing or art or music, writing or meditation,  this energy can free us and heal us.  If we let it.

Find a space away from the madding crowd and allow your muse  to lead you.

You know you want to!

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