Thursday, 17 September 2015

Equinox, Eclipses,and Mercury Retrograde. Are we there yet?

Another day, another blog post! I've been a bit distracted over the  summer but am now slowly getting back into the swing of things in true Virgo fashion (details, work, service). There's a lot to catch up with, a LOT going on.

As we head toward the Autumn Equinox (how did that happen?), where night and day are equal,   energies and planets  are shifting gears yet again,  as we find ourselves  heading in  directions we could never have envisioned even a few months ago.

There was a partial New Moon Solar eclipse last Sunday, which brought to a head  relationship and money issues that have been building all summer. Sunday's partial eclipse set the stage for a second (lunar) eclipse on Sept 27/28 . On that day, a total Full Moon eclipse will trigger even greater changes as many doors close and others begin to open. 

If you are at a crossroads and haven’t figured out which way things are going,  this time could mark  a majour turning point. 

If you come to a fork in the road…take it!

Everything could change quite suddenly, although the after effects will ripple out for months to come. If you are waiting for the penny to drop, this may be it. Or it will soon.

 Mars (masculine energy) combined with Venus (feminine energy) is bringing a lot of passion into play. Or play into passion, since they are conjoined in the playful sign of  Leo. Neptune opposite Jupiter has  us caught in a dream of sorts. Is it real or is it an illusion? WHat do you believe in? What do you know?

  Saturn  hovering at the last critical degree of Scorpio could be triggering  self doubt or a great deal of tension; caution is advised, but don't let Saturn spoil the party. Just drive with your eyes open and  temper your expectations with a good dose of reality (tricky that). 

Uranus activation of the Mars Venus conjunction in Leo bodes well for positive outcomes. Then again, Uranus is always full of surprises.

Venus cycles are very important in the grand scheme of things. Love, after all, is what makes the world go round. She is all about the exchange of energy, which also includes money.

The last Venus retrograde coincided with the 2008 stock market crash. A financial 'correction' has been predicted for mid-September, and China's economic crash may be just the beginning. The long term effects of these eclipses will ripple out for many months, and these are unpredictable times. I am not particularly into predictions, though it does help to be forewarned of the general climate.

What I can say for sure is: The interpersonal climate is going through a shift in temperature. The economic climate is unstable.  Outcomes are uncertain.

This has also been a very tricky time for relationships. Venus backward motion in Leo in August brought up many unresolved emotional issues  and demanded we deal with unfinished business. A heart reckoning is at hand as we will need all the emotional intelligence we have to get clear on what it is we want.

The North Node (collective destiny point) in the sign of Libra has emphasized the focus on co operation vs conflict, Self  vs other. This push pull dynamic has forced us to examine where we stand in relation to people we interact with, and both of the September eclipses will amplify the point.

If you are uncertain as to where you stand (or sit), it may be time to sh*t or get off the pot.

To get clear with others we have to get clear with ourselves.  We have been through some deep emotional cleansing these last few years. It has not been easy, although the rewards for emotional clarity are many. 
Our values are being tested so that we can align with our deepest integrity and get real with ourselves and others. As we begin to claim our own magnificence and build a solid sense of self worth, we can begin to recognize and honour the same in others. 

Many have been through the gauntlet. Saturn (karma, limitations, lessons, duties)  in Scorpio (crisis, death, sex and shared resources) brought us into shadow lands that seemed to go on forever as we were forced to examine the deeper issues that hold us back (anger, fear, doubt, jealousy, greed, survival)

And now, once again, we are at a crossroad again, and we get to choose (again) what is important in our life and who we want to share it with.

Libra wants co operation and harmony.   Over the past two years, the North Node in Libra has been pushing us to balance our own needs with those of others, and as we integrate and balance the urge for autonomy with our need for connection, we  discover we are not so different.  We are all in this together.

Venus in Leo, says open your heart and celebrate your 'Magnificence.' Let your light shine.

 One more thing: Mercury will be turning retrograde (backward)  in Libra as of Friday, slowing down our communication so we can examine and improve how we interact with each other. This retrograde will  give us some time to  reflect on everything that has transpired over the past few months, and get us to make up our minds around things that are yet clear enough. 

 Information often comes to the surface during a Mercury retrograde.  If there are still unresolved issues, this may bring some closure. If you are keeping secrets, this is the time to get them out in the open. Hidden issues eat away at us and cause us to withhold our energy from those we love.  Secrets and lies  are usually  rooted in shame and guilt; undertaking some kind of moral inventory could help us get real with what is going on, and why we are keeping secrets in the first place. If you are that is. 

Or some may find out information that effects the choices they are facing. (like discovering your accountant ran away with all your money) Hopefully not that but you get the idea. Honesty really is the best policy.

 Of course the edict remains true to 'cause no harm'. 

Lastly, as Saturn enters Sagittarius this week,  in exact square to both Neptune and Jupiter (who sit opposite each other) it will begin to bring us face to face with our illusions, false gods and limiting beliefs. This process will go on for a while, so get ready to get real.

In terms of the current focus on relationships, if our ideals don’t match the reality, it may be time to wake up and smell the coffee. That could be a freeing experience as we get real with each other and stop playing games. Time to get up close and personal and tell the truth about who we really are.

You know you want to...

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