Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Autumn Equinox: A time of Balance


As the Sun is moves into Libra tonight (early morning in UK)  DAY AND NIGHT ARE EXACTLY EQUAL.  This is a good time to pause and take a deep breath. Notice what you are feeling. Notice what is on your mind. Notice what is in your heart.

The coming week is very intense astrologically,  leading us up to  FULL MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE ON SEPT 27TH/28TH. Some are feeling stuck and don't know how to shift into gear.  The pressure is mounting and many will be touchier than usual and also HIGHLY REACTIVE.

Mercury moving backward in Libra is in a tense 90 degree angle to Pluto (a square). Watch out for power struggles. Mercury can take us deep with this influence.  In Libra that means getting real in our relationships. Radical honesty is the thing to shift whats  stuck.  Leo gives us courage.

... Saturn is now in Sagittarius and squaring Jupiter. Mars is at the end of Leo and squaring Saturn. Squares create intense pressure and impel us to action. Saturn blocks Mars urge to act, and stifles Jupiter's urge to expand. This is what is creating the pressure.

And the the Equinox  is supposed to be a time of balance!

If you feel like you have been in a sort of limbo, we will soon take a step forward into new energy. Till then, keep your head down, your mouth shut,  and your heart open! This too shall pass.

Healing is on its way....

More on the Full Moon Eclipse coming soon....

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