Friday, 28 August 2015

Super Ful Moon in PIsces Saturday August 29

Something BIG is going on. A 'Super' Full Moon tomorrow in Pisces may just blow our socks off! Get up and dance to the Music of the Spheres! 

This is deeply spiritual, highly creative, and slightly spacey energy. Wonderful alchemy providing us with a powerful impetus to move through our 'stuff' and be reborn.

Sun Jupiter opposite Neptune in Pisces = Lots of WATER mixed with lots of FIRE being grounded by Virgo (EARTH). The result is ALCHEMY!

Some people will feel strongly pulled to escape(dont drink and drive), others to expand (watch your ego), but the best bet is to use the energy to evolve! Saturn is going to make sure of it! 

 Don't forget to howl at the Moon. You know you want to!

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