Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Once in a Blue Moon (Correction)

Continuing the discussion re the Blue Moon, I wanted to add a few things, plus correct a mistake I made. I am not at my home computer and cannot edit from my ipad, so this will have to do,

The sky tonight was awesome. The Moon is already looking very Full.  It's  the second Full Moon in July this year hence a  'Blue Moon'.

Ok re correction: I said Mercury was close to the Moon, but it is in fact beside the Sun in Leo and sitting opposite the Moon. Thats about as far away from it as it could be. This will cause some tension between our logical rational mind and our emotional self.

That polarity  is always a part of any Full Moon, as the Sun represents the rational side of us, the Logos, while the Moon symbolizes the feminine intuitive realm. A synthesis of Sun and Moon means finding a way to meet in the middle. That will be easier in the case of an Aquarian Moon as it is a more detached air sign. This will give us the ability to  step back emotionally, which will enable us breathe a little freer and help us avoid the trap of stubborn pride based thinking (Leo) that may be activated. While Leo likes to create drama, A quarius Moon prefers to remain calm and cool.

This Full Moon activates our humanity and sense of connection to the group. We are all in this together so why not get along?

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