Saturday, 20 June 2015

Venus Jupiter Moon in Leo. Claim your Magnificence!

This weekend: Summer Sosltice (Sunday) Longest day of the year!!! (how did we get here so fast???)

The Sun moves into the emotional nurturing sensitive sign of Cancer. Family time. Father's day. We will feel things more strongly now and want to care for those we love. Home is where the heart is.

Three bright glowing objects seen  in the western sky just after sunset (brightest one is Venus)

Venus: Love
Jupiter: Expansion, Joy
Moon: Intuition, Feelings
Leo: Personal sovereignty, Creativity, Play

Bringing us : Expansive Feelings of Magnificent Playful Love and Joy!!!

Let your LIGHT shine!!!

Added feature: Mercury square Neptune:  Our thinking and communicating becomes highly creative, inspired, deeply  compassionate. Feeling good about ourselves, we reach out to help someone in need.

Other side of this : Spaced out people, avoidant, addictive tendencies. Delusional thinking. Misciommunication. (don't drink and drive)

There is an extreme need to be  conscious of not letting an expanded ego parade as our true self. 
Follow your heart (and not your monkey mind) and all will be well.

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