Sunday, 28 June 2015

Moving right along

I am off for a holiday  during the next week or two. Summer has arrived!

Right now we are seeing pretty much the same stuff as I wrote about last week...  only more so...
The 3/4 Moon means whatever we set into motion at the New Moon in Gemini is starting to come to fruition, and the effects will build till the Full Moon next week on JUly 1st. Things could feel a bit pressurized till then, although there are a lot of escape hatches available. A lot of aspects are urging us  to claim our power to create our own reality. We are now in manifestation mode. In other words: Be careful what you wish for!!!

Meanwhile there are a lot of diverse influences in the sky: more confusion, more joy, more tension, more excitement. Expect the unexpected. Find creative solutions and all will be well.

Sun Mars in Cancer : Family matters. Fighting for your family or with your family. Choose Peace.
Sun  Pluto: Power struggles
Mercury Neptune = Confusing communication, inspired imagination
Mercury Pluto: irritation, aggravation, who's in control here?
Mars Sun= Aggressive egos
Saturn Jupiter = Blockage or expansion. Study how to make things work.
Jupiter Venus Uranus = Surprise. Good luck. Expanding anyway!
Jupiter Venus Moon: Feeling the love
Moon Sun/Mars Neptune = High creativity!

PLuto Uranus: Deep revolution and change on many levels. The old guard is dying and putting up quite a fight.

Next Wednesday July 1st is a Full Moon in Capricorn
Things get serious.  Capricorn represents the manifestation and materialization of ideas. It's time to walk your talk. Actualize!!

Venus (love) exactly conjunct Jupiter (Joy) = 

 Joyous expansion of the heart.

Use your open, joyful heart to expand beyond limitations and your common sense to stop before you go to far! Don't get caught up in power struggles. Let many things pass without losing your own dignity. Let your light shine!!!

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