Monday, 1 June 2015

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Which way does the Wind Blow?

Feelings are running high as we enter the Full Moon magic!!

If you have read my last two posts you already have a bit of a heads up re the current chaotic energy that is coming to a head in todays Full Moon in Sagittarius. There’s a strange wind blowing and we will have to keep our wits about us to find our way through. 

A Full Moon is normally a culmination of the energies of the previous New Moon, but for several moon cycles now we are experiencing a reversal of that pattern, in that today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius (opposite Sun in Gemini) precedes the New Moon in Gemini… (normally it’s the opposite).

This adds a sense of New Beginnings to this Full Moon in the sign of the 'Grand Adventurer'. It’s telling us the adventure has just begun.

We have recently had to endure many storms and setbacks, and the damned fog is making it hard to see our way forward. We have been forced to navigate via instinct instead of logic, and forced to tack (zig zag) to catch the wind.

Our gut responses get sharpened in this strange atmosphere as we  listen carefully for subtle clues and changes in the current, ready to respond  to any shifts in the breeze. All of this can be incredibly exhausting, so rest is required in moments of pause.

Meanwhile, the current has taking us back round to places we have been before, or to people we haven’t seen in a long while.  Mercury's Retrograde motion continues to stir up its usual brand of chaos and confusion, with missed calls, electrical screw-ups, plans gone awry etc,  along with the requisite lost emails. It also brings the opportunity for full review, where new information can arise out of the blue that may help us in some way. 

All of this inner reflectivity focuses in the very social sign of Gemini; so we may feel pulled in two directions. Part of us feels compelled to connect with as many people as possible, while another part just want s to retreat to a quiet place and sit the storm out quietly. Our communication skills will be  tested as we are forced to navigate these dichotomies, and at times we will need to reconsider our chosen method of delivery. Let many things pass,  is my advice, without being sucked into to other peoples (or even our own) stories.  Much can be learned if you choose to be a willing student.

Watch and learn and take notes… the information you gather will come in handy sometime in the future. Never has paying attention been so important.

Some of us will have to watch our backs, even while keeping an eye on the path ahead. There’s a possibility of mutiny, and dodgy dealings.  Saturn opposite Sun Mars in Gemini triggers tensions and rebellions and makes all of us a tad bit argumentative, while Neptune’s nebulous influence means misunderstandings are rife, and it will take all our skills not to get lost on the shoals of confusion. 

We are sailing in uncharted waters, and the undertow is strong.  The wind could pick up at any moment, or die completely. It’s that type of weather.  Knowing the ropes and the tides will take us far, though despite our best efforts some of us could end up going around in circles. 

In the midst of the fog and madness, just as we are giving up hope, suddenly a bright light shines. Out of the darkness, the radiant Sagittarian  Full Moon, amplified by Jupiter and Uranus in  Fiery Grand Trine, beams a way forward. Extraordinary good fortune is ours if only we can navigate towards the light. 

This will take trust, and courage and a sense of adventure, all attributes of  Sagittarius. This is the home of the galactic core, the center of our universe, our highest knowing and our deepest truth. Sagittarius represents  our true north, our guiding star. 

And therein lies a clue to how to navigate these strange and unusual times. Find your center, know who you are, and listen for that clarion call beaming out from the galactic core (whose location is conveniently mirrored in your inner heart).

Know who you are, follow the light,  and all will be well.

Happy Sailing!!!

But to every mind there openeth,
A way, and way, and away,
A high soul climbs the highway,
And the low soul gropes the low,
And in between on the misty flats,
The rest drift to and fro.

But to every man there openeth,
A high way and a low,
And every mind decideth,
The way his soul shall go.

One ship sails East,
And another West,
By the self-same winds that blow,
'Tis the set of the sails
And not the gales,
That tells the way we go.

Like the winds of the sea
Are the waves of time,
As we journey along through life,
'Tis the set of the soul,
That determines the goal,
And not the calm or the strife.

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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