Sunday, 3 May 2015

Scorpio Full Moon. Going deep.

Tonight is the Scorpio Full Moon (11:45 EST, 3:45 GMT May 4th) It is also Beltane as well as the Wessak festival Moon.

At Beltane we celebrate the meeting of feminine (Moon) and masculine (Sun) energies in this midpoint between the Spring equinox and the Summer Solstice. That meeting is said to fertilize the earth and guarantee  future growth and abundance.

At this time we will be experiencing the intense polarity between Taurus and Scorpio. The Sun in Taurus represents our ego needs at this time,  sitting opposite the  Full Moon in Scorpio, which  signifies our emotional needs. Taurus wants safety and security, while Scorpio wants passion and personal transformation.

The push and pull between these two opposite poles will be exaggerated by Jupiter, bringing up some powerful dynamics.  Our tasks is, as always,  to maintain presence in the midst of tensions.

Taurus, a fixed earth sign,  grounds us and attracts us to seek sensual satisfaction and safety, and can be stubborn to a fault.   Scorpio, a fixed water sign, stirs up deep emotions and  persistently pushes our boundaries. It takes us to the edge (and then some) via death,  sexual encounters and mergers that require some risk.  Death is the ultimate merger.

So we tend to cling to what is comfortable (Taurus)  and fear what is unknown or threatening (Scorpio). That is one of the reasons that sexual surrender is so profound and so scary. Letting go to another human being means trusting in something (or someone).

Scorpio craves deep experiences  and leads us out beyond the safe walls of the city, where creatures roam wild and life is more precarious. Yet if we never risk we never grow.
Meanwhile, Taurus helps us get in touch with our core values, and grounds us in the body, giving us the stability to then meet someone half way. Learning to let go and risk a part of our self protection is easier when we have a strong sense of self.

Jupiter in Leo boosts our self esteem, and amplifies our pride. Don't let false pride stand in your way of authentic connection. Saturn opposite Mercury can cause us to distrust each other. And  if mere lust (Taurus) is what is driving the need to connect (Scorpio), you could get burned.

Jupiter 's amplification and exaggeration of both Sun and Moon will ensure we feel these issues more intensely,  creating a push pull between our urge to merge and our fear of letting go. The transformation that results from the clash of these powerful forces brings us understanding of how to both  survive and thrive in this world.

If we can allow this passionate life force to move through us without fear, we can gain access to deeper realms of feeling usually blocked or avoided in our daily routines. Sacred sexual practices can be useful at this time, as well as contact with nature. Walk in the woods, feel the earth beneath your feet, make love on the soft green grass.

As we celebrate the fertility of mother earth, it is also the Wesek Full Moon, which celebrates the life of the Buddha.

Therein lies the key to managing the intense polarity of this Moon.

Claim your inner buddha. Find your inner peace. Then, celebrate life!

Happy Full Moon!!!

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