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New Moon in Taurus: There's no place like home!

New Moon in Taurus Sunday May 17th at 9 pm EDT, and Monday 4 am  May 18th GMT). 

We are now in the 'Dark of the Moon' as we wait for the New Moon energy to begin tomorrow. 
This is an introverted time where our dreams and unconscious wishes, as well as fears,  come to the surface. Pay attention to them now to get in touch with messages from your deep and mysterious self.  Much can be revealed.

 There's some very spacey energy about and hopefully the Moon in Taurus will help ground us a bit.
A New Moon in Taurus wants us to build something concrete out of our dreams and visions.  It needs to feel safe and secure, which starts  with honouring and connecting the ground we walk on and the bodies we inhabit.   How we nurture and take care of both our bodies and our environment reflect our inner values. 'As within so without. ' 

We are far more powerful than we realize. At this New Moon  seed time, our intentions  set the emotional pattern for the coming month, so be clear on what you really want, cause 
'what you focus on grows!'

"This is a celebration of renewal and reinvention, a time to put down the past and to pick up a happier plan for the future. A time for letting go and moving on." Jonathan Cainer 

As Taurus gets us to get in touch with what is important our lives, relationships come to the fore.  At this joining of masculine (Sun) and feminine (Moon) energies, we we will need to be careful of  knee jerk emotional reactivity; Mars proximity adds impatience, aggression and spark  to both our relationships and our endeavours.  It is possible that we are putting too much pressure on each other due to not meeting our own inner needs (what feeds us),  resulting in a push pull between the need to have space vs our need to work things out.   Compromise is the only way to move forward, and laying blame will get us nowhere. 

Warning: Murphy's law is in full force at this New Moon. If anything could go wrong it will!! 
But then again, it could just go right.

 Taurus says 'slow down and smell the flowers'. It is about being grounded in the world we live in and appreciating the beauty in and all around us, about celebrating life as we develop a deeper sense of safety and security.  Thats not always so easy in this crazy world. Its easy to  get distracted now by Mars in Gemini who is busy with so many ideas and plans. Saturn's presence will slow things down and  force us to to stay grounded. This may come  via  complications, blockages and slow downs, and doubts may creep in as to whether we are on the right path.   Saturn in Sagittarius will help us (force us?) to step back to see the big picture, countering Mars in Gemini tendency to worry and to get caught up in  the details. 

 Mercury also has a strong influence on this New Moon.  As the planet of communication slows down to turn retrograde on Monday, it triggers what is called the 'Mercury Storm' . 

The resulting chaos is then amplified by Neptune, the planet of illusion,  meaning what we thought was going to happen is not what is going to happen. On top of that, Neptune’s square to Mars  will add further chaos and  confusion. Luckily, end even though we may resent it, Saturn’s tendency right now to slow down our actions, thoughts and impulses will help  avert mistakes by getting us to  pay attention.   

"Patience, forbearance and perseverance will go a lot farther and be more successful than angry, willful, words and actions." Tom Leshcer, Pele Report  

 Taurus encourages us to develop some stability, and gets us to solidify our efforts and concretize our plans. Yet these other factors adding to the 'Grand Irrationality' could delay the best of plans. Don’t be dismayed at strange turns of events. There is syncronicity even in the midst of madness.  Jupiter and Uranus bring us surprises and good luck just when we think our luck has run out.

If you cannot see an end in sight,  just go very, very slow, step by step, listen closely to your intuition (but not your paranoia) and carefully take this time to review and renew whatever we are working on right now.

Here’s an  example: my son and his family decided to move and at the first eclipse a few months ago, in my sons sign of Pisces, they found and bought a new house fairly quickly. Then on the following new moon, he  put his current house up for sale. Then the market took a down turn and they got a bit nervous.  But amazingly, they solf the house at the next eclipse (endings beginnings) and moved into the new place on the last Full Moon (fruition, completion). Fast and furious and it all worked somehow. How’s that for being in tune with the cosmos?!

Except there were things about the last Full Moon that indicated there would be still things to complete for a while to come. They are now settling into the new house yet are still adjusting to the rapid change (two adults two kids and a dog!) And it turns out a lot of stuff was packed away till the yard got finished. Which it is not… yet. So...  dogs and kids cannot go outside yet. And the last thing to go into the garage was the lawn furniture etc so they cannot access anything else.

So…  they have the basics, but are sort of in a state of waiting for it all to settle down. And that’s pretty accurate description of the recent astro effects on us all.

Big changes that came fast and furious  are now somewhat complete, yet still a sort o waiting.  Lots has been let go of, lots has been cleared away,  and still waiting for the penny to drop. No biggie! It will just take some patience and a bit of work to sort through it all… that’s what a Mercury retrograde is good for.  Mercury ‘s backward motion gives us all a chance to sort, sift, review. 

Go slow, go steady and enjoy the ride!!

One last thing: 

The North Node (Destiny Point)  in Libra links to the New Moon as well as  Neptune (soul) and Venus (Love).  Sun Moon in Taurus means the homing instinct is strong now, yet sometimes we don't always know where home is.

As we align with our highest, truest self we will be guided. We’ve come this far,  and although the road may be winding, it will get us there in the end (wherever 'there' is!).
Maybe its been right here all along!

Just click your heels... and say after me:

 There's no place like home!
There's no place like home!
There's no place like home!

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

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