Friday, 22 May 2015

Expect the unexpected! Love as a Transformational Force:

Today (Friday) Venus is opposite Pluto and squared to Uranus. This may be a turning point for some relationships

Venus is love and relating, Pluto is the transformer (via death, change, crisis), Uranus is the Awakener (via rebellion, new visions, the unexpected)

All together they symbolize love as a transformational force.  

Our relationships will act as the mirror for what we need to face, own, release, leading to deep personal growth. That transformation will come for some through confrontations or sudden change or unexpected turns in the road. Our efforts to control everything might not get us the results we want. Trust is required.

If we try to force (Pluto) our love (Venus) it could trigger rebellion (Uranus). 

‘Letting go’ becomes a radical form of committing to love.

DEEP SELF LOVE is the only antidote to global (and inter-personal) insanity. Moon in Cancer says Love the one you're with (i.e. YOU!)

Communication issues!  

As the Moon moves into Leo over the weekend, emotions can get exaggerated. Leo is all about drama! This fire sign is also warm and generous to a fault but do not take a Leo for granted! Our best intentions to share our feelings can get complicated, due to the current Mercury  retrograde in Gemini.  Words can become misconstrued, twisted round and tied up in knots.  Leo pride gets in the way. 

Neptune's blurring influence  increases the insanity. Misunderstandings and mix ups will force us to PAY ATTENTION!...  as we deal with  muddled communications,  lost emails, technical failures (Mercury rules technology) etc.  As the trickster planet turns everything topsy turvy,  a sense of humour is required, as we sort back through details with a fine tooth comb (without our glasses!!) 

If you are tangled up in  in endless arguments about absolutely nothing!!!  with way too many words (like this post) or  silly details that have you going round and round in circles,   Saturn in Sagittarius says  stop slow down, look at the bigger picture.  

If you  are clinging stubbornly right now to your point of view remember,  the straightest road is not the shortest. 

Many of our core beliefs are  being challenged right now; (it's not supposed to be like this!);  which makes us  defensive,  and confused. This is when some will try to force things. Not a good idea. What a wonderful opportunity to reexamine how we communicate, and free ourselves from  old  assumptions and prejudices.  Its about time we let go of stuff we were taught a long time ago that isn’t really us.

Neptune squaring (blurring) the same planets that Saturn is blocking, adds to the sense of nothing moving forward in a straightforward linear manner.  While we are wandering around lost in the proverbial forest, time and space both move strangely and our thinking becomes defensive, distorted, delusional.   (I'm sure we passed that same tree an hour ago!!... no I'm sure this is the right way...)

Possibly not the best time make important decisions or  sign important documents, although I would trust your instincts. Not everyone experiences Mercury retrogrades in this way. Still, its not a bad idea to double check everything during this transit. A Mercury retrograde is a time to reflect and review. Saturn sitting opposite the Sun and Mars encourages us to take our time and go slow.  Patience will be required as we take two steps forward one step back. 

This is an opportunity to broaden our horizons and develop our ‘spidey sense’.  Time to surrender our egos and get in touch with that inner voice that knows another route not on the city map.

Oops not that one!!

Everyone makes mistakes. We musn't  let self doubt (Saturn) undermine our innate sense of self worth (Sun) just cause things are not going as planned. 

Remember who you are and it will all turnout well in the end. How do I know?  Jupiter in Leo shines brightly, reminding us that we are all magnificent

And Uranus trine Jupiter is currently buffing that shine to an effervescent glow, and  promising us some unusual surprises.   This combo spells Great Good Fortune.

So pay very close attention to everything. (i.e. be PRESENT!) while letting many things pass.  Keep your head held high, your heart open and your intuition tuned to the highest frequency.

 And expect the unexpected!

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