Thursday, 5 March 2015

Full Moon in Virgo

 As I sit here typing, the Moon in Virgo is almost full. This Full Moon occurs at 10:05 am PST, 1:05 pm EST, 6:05 pm GMT on Thursday, March 5, in the15th degree of Pisces and Virgo. It's already looking pretty darn full right now.

Part of me is itching to go back outside to bathe in its glow and experience it on a purely feeling level, without putting any labels or explanations onto it. With Sun and Neptune close together in Pisces, it's all about feeling and going with the flow. 

At the same time, this IS a Virgo moon, therefore another part of me wants to analyze and describe (to some degree)  and explain.... Sigh. 

This pretty well sums up the tension that always accompanies a Full Moon… as the tides pull us in opposite directions, and we start to howl at the Moon! 

This is peak energy that will let loose whatever has been building over the last few weeks. We are all a little sensitive right now and Neptune's added influence cud make us a little more moody than usual. With this particular Moon, we will be torn between feelings (Pisces) and  logic (Virgo), going with the flow (Pisces) vs paying attention  to details (Virgo),  getting things orderly and organized (Virgo) vs letting it all go (Pisces). 

I say… do a little of both. Make it a win/win. (Trust in Allah, but tether your camel…)

One way to balance polarity is to meet in the middle.

So take your vitamins (Virgo rules health) and enjoy that glass of wine (Pisces). Clean your place (Virgo) and then play your guitar al night (Pisces). Organize your kitchen (Virgo) then go out of the town (Pisces plus Full Moon). Take care of your business (Virgo) then do something for someone who needs your help (Pisces). Or... you could roll a perfect (Virgo) joint(Pisces)..(did I say that!!?) 

Here’s the thing: Both signs are service oriented; Virgo out of perfectionism and pragmatism and a need to be useful, and Pisces out of empathy and compassion and desire to be helpful. When the precision and organization of pragmatic Virgo join with the compassion and empathy of Pisces, some good things happen. Good time to  volunteer at a homeless helter or donate some time to visiting someone you know needs some support, or donate money to a good cause, or sign that petition to stop GMO’s or… (you get the idea) or offer to do someones taxes for them (as I did but he had already paid some to do them...) etc etc.

If you can find a way to express both those qualities together  I figure you will be doing something right. Pisces is a bit escapist and wont like being called to task by Virgo. 

Just don’t be a martyr (Pisces) or a nit picker(Virgo)….

Random acts of kindness are good for the soul. Jupiter in Leo says do it with expansive, heart-felt joy! Surprise yourself, or surprise someone. 

That opposition with Mercury is still affecting us (few posts back)  so we have the possibility of seeing out of and beyond the small mental boxes we so often get trapped in.  The sky really is the limit... 
For some profound healing can happen under these influences. 

Uranus square Pluto says…  break out of your rut and do something different.  Saturn square Neptune says keep it real, walk your talk. Grand Trine in Fire says seek those visions then bring your dreams down to earth. 

We are all a bit antsy with Mars and Venus now joining Uranus in warrior sign Aries, Yeow!!! This highly combustible combo is going to intensify over the next week, so watch out for reactivity and impatience and sudden confrontations. Also, violence and accidents happen when Mars and Uranus and Pluto meet. Seriously foks, be careful. Still, this can also be fun. Venus = Love and Mars = desire. Common baby light my fire… :)

In the background of all this is what Robert Wilkinson of Aquarius Papers calls the ‘Grand Irrationality’… a ‘long wave evolutionary crisis’ for the entire human race.

The Grand Irrationality is set into motion every time a planet makes certain aspects to Neptune and Pluto. He says this creates  “points in time when our future destiny is precipitated by critical choices made in the present.”

“Because it involves Neptune and Pluto, the outermost spiritual planets, they show a long wave evolutionary crisis for the entire human race. Since 1993, at one point or another, everyone on Earth has experienced a nonstop energy of having to choose, at the bottom of our beings, the path to evolution or devolution, progress or regress, love or fear, joy or control. It’s why things have been so weird, irrational, and hard-edged.”

This Full Moon will amplify and bring to a peak all of the above and more. Take good care of yourself (inner and outer) and don't let the conundrum of opposites cause you to freeze up. We always have a choice. Choose to choose or choose not to choose, but we will choose just the same.

And if you do feel a little melancholy, go howl at the moon. Then... find a way to be of service.

 Use your discretion, keep your heart open, do some good and don’t forget to have fun!

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