Thursday, 22 January 2015

Change your mind, change your world! New Moon in Aquarius! Mercury Retrograde!

There is so much craziness and upheaval going on in the world right now, thanks to the current Uranus/Pluto square. Nothing is stable, everything is in flux. Yup. Just like the sixties! The times they are a changing! Monday's New Moon in Aquarius set the tone for the coming month(s). 

What's new for you?  Lots in my life has changed or is changing. I have been offline for a while as I moved house recently. Moving is so intense!!! Whew! This move was totally unexpected… Saturn Return has been kicking my butt since the autumn, culminating in a rather sudden change of circumstances (square to Pluto and Jupiter... if thats means anything to you ... basically Pluto forces change, Saturn resists it!). Sometimes change is hard (when you are in it!), yet also well worth the effort.

I’ll try to catch you up a bit re the current Astrology, starting with: Happy 2015!

The New Moon on Monday was our second New Moon in Aquarius and was a Super Moon (closest to earth, so extra gravitational pull and effect). The very next day (yesterday) Mercury turned backward, meaning that while experiencing exciting new visions of forward movement, we are being asked to go back and review our intentions. Damn!

(Note: The house that Mercury is moving through will tell you what area you might need to rethink or make some changes. Go to to get a chart for free, then see top tab here labeled  ‘houses’ for meanings)

Aquarius ruler Uranus, currently stirring up the 'doodoo' in feisty Aries keeps getting into tense standoffs with Pluto (the Destroyer)in Capricorn. Pluto’s job is to break down and transform our current authority systems and structures (as represented by Capricorn i.e. money, governments etc) Of course those in power are resisting with all their might (bring in the guns) and there is a right wing backlash in many countries.

Many of us will resist change as much as we want to see it happen. And as reactionary forces continue to destabilize the world on many fronts, sometimes it’s hard to figure out who is right and who is wrong, what is real and what is fake, as towns, cities and countries become polarized on all number of issues.

The Aquarius/Uranus archetype is an ‘evolutionary force’ that allows things to move beyond what is old and outdated. The Age of Aquarius, via its rulership over communication and technology, brings accelerated change, and brings us into immediate contact with global  news and events on a daily basis. Even if we don’t tune into the ‘news’ everyday, most everyone else does , which sends ripples of tension throughout our communities.

In the midst of all this upheaval, the last Full Moon in Capricorn reflected a deep need for structure (Capricorn) and security(Cancer). As the current  energy breaks down our outdated structures and security systems, a void is created that threatens to unbalance us.  It can be difficult to accept such rapid change that shifts everything in an instant, and we can sometimes experience emotional trauma as a result. If this is happening to you, Mercury Retrograde will give you some time to reflect on and re-arrange  priorities.

With both  Mercury (logic) and Jupiter (intuition) in a reflective (retrograde) state, our focus is moving inward. The  planet Uranus; which represents the liberation of old thought forms (mercury retrograde), is bringing a deeper awareness re what might be holding us back. (Jupiter Retrograde = reviewing old belief systems) While erasing the writing on our walls (past conditioning) to make way for creative new ideas and solutions, we are also  integrating the past to make sure we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Mars snuggled up with Neptune in Pisces at the New Moon to set the tone for the coming month in terms of action and desire. This adds a somewhat foggy and also deeply spiritual energy to this next wave, with a strong warning i.e look before you leap. Things can become distorted in this dreamy misty atmosphere.

Neptune’s (and therefor Pisces) deepest desire is to be liberated from the body and from the temporal (temporary) world. It’s a tricky line to walk and an inebriated state will cause you to wobble. Many an artist or addict has become lost in a dream as they pursue the ethereal at the cost of the concrete.

Yet the true goal of Neptune is not to disengage us from the physical. In fact, proper care of the body is very  important in the process of connecting to spirit, as it frees the soul to focus on that deeper connection.  To be fully and completely ‘here’,  while also in touch with that which is ‘beyond’ is definitely a balancing act, and the integration of both allows us to become more fully who we are.

Without some kind of container, or form of grounding, Mars/Neptune can trigger a profound sense of alienation. We could end up feeling we have lost our way as plans and dreams seem to dissolve into nothing.

A link to Saturn helps tether us so we don’t float away (or sink ).

The Sun now in Aquarius reminds us of both our connection to  all humanity, as well as to our unique self. I heard a talk today about how ‘the parts given to each soul are their portion of the whole, narrowed down into a localized self, as the unique portrait that looks like a human being. Living in harmony with the physical universe, you get to celebrate both your temporal existence as well as your eternal nature’ (or something like that!)

My point? Escaping is not the answer. Mars Neptune may want to … but it won’t help to disengage from the physical universe. The ‘point’ is to manifest so perfectly what and who you are, that you become a vehicle of that creative universal force called life, (as within so without) and thus get to participate in a world creating process. Neptune will soften the edges and help us find a more creative, non linear approach. Listen to your intuition, write down your dreams. There are answers there. 

Pluto is Squaring the nodes…(of the Moon) which represent the past and the future. In layperson’s terms… this tells us this is an extremely important time in the evolution of the human race. Everything is in flux and we are being called to wake up and smell the coffee. Decisions we make will have a lasting and important impact on both our own lives and on the planet we live on.

The retrograde energy says …  Call in your vision. Examine it. Align with your highest self. Feel your existence. Take your time. Breath it in. 

You are not alone!