Saturday, 6 December 2014

Full Moon in Gemini: Celebrate your life... its the only one you've got!! (at the moment!)

A LOT of planets are now in either Fire (action, enthusiasm) or air signs (communication, intelligence). The Full Moon in Gemini (air) is peaking as I write this. The Sun, sitting opposite in cosmic Sagittarius (fire), adds to mix to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm, a urge for activity and an increasing eagerness for interpersonal connections. 

That sounds like a party to me!

Even if your Full Moon celebration is a party of one, I hope you are able to tap into the expansive and buoyant sense of joy inherent in this Full Moon. Turn on some music and dance a little. Common, you know you want to…

Recent tensions (like the past two years lol) have worn us all down a little and we deserve a bit of a break now and then.  So hurray, here comes this lovely circle of moonshine to chase away those shadows that have been getting some of us down. Time to step outside the fray, let down your hair a little and remember that life can be fun. FUN!

I will be at my granddaughter’s birthday party all afternoon. Hanging out with an exuberant Sagittarian two year old is definitely my idea of a good time! She is constantly exploring every surface to be climbed, book to be flipped through, dog to be cuddled, ball to be thrown, food to be enjoyed… and on and on (and on). Yes it’s a bit exhausting but in the very nicest of ways. She is really just pure joy… (mostly) …  so inherently happy.

Hey… that was us once. Remember?

Ok, I know there is still some pretty heavy stuff going on. With the Pluto and Uranus square moving closer and closer again there is bound to be some tension in the background.

But, for just this weekend, take some time off from the worry and seriousness of it all and find a way to let down your hair a little and recharge your batteries. This is just the Full Moon to do the job!

Mercurial Gemini is the supreme communicator as well as the playful child. Sagittarius is the wisdom seeker in us all who leads us on the road to adventure. When these two meet in the middle, when childlike play meets joyful wisdom….

All you can do is DANCE!!!

p.s. here's something to dance to that will make you...   ... 'Happy'