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New Moon in Sagittarius: From Darkness to Light

How are you all doing? Still on the planet and hanging on for the ride?  Since early September everything seems to have been amped up again as the acceleration continues. Many a person's  life has been turned upside down and inside out. 

At this time of year in the Northern hemisphere where I live, the days are getting shorter and shorter, as we head toward the longest night of the year. Its seems the darkness is fuller at this time of year as branches are stripped of leaves and the ground lies bare or covered with snow. 

Halloween, Samhain, and the Day of the Dead all recently celebrated the process of death of decay as a key part of the cycle of life. And yet even in the darkness a candle flickers.  The New Moon in Sagittarius shines a light  in the darkness, reminding us that the winter solstice is only a month away, and that even in times of  death and endings, there is always hope.

There has been so much  intense emotional cleansing in the past few years is to make way for a new way of functioning... both in the world and of the world. The old way is not working and we are being prepared for something entirely different (Uranus in Aries).  It is going to take some time for a total shift to happen and in the meantime there is much work to be done.  

In this necessary clearing process we need to release the old patterns and ways of thinking,  to be better equipped to move into the new paradigm. The  Age of Aquarius is about raising our consciousness to be based on the collective good, and the betterment of humanity, so must be rooted in a deep connection to source and to each other, rather than on separation, survival, greed and fear. Looking around us (and  inside us)  there is clearly a fight going on between the forces of contraction and expansion, between darkness and light, as some parts move more easily into new ways of being and other parts resist the changes.

This fight can be seen as ultimately within the self (as within, so without)  as we strive to integrate disparate parts of our psyche that have become fragmented and alienated from each other. 

Saturn in Scorpio is  the grim reaper, bringing endings and  necessary pruning. Experiences triggered by Saturn, in the sign of death and transformation, have faced us with our shadow side; those survival based parts of us that usually lie hidden in the depths of our subconscious. Saturn and then recently Saturn/Mars have forced us into direct confrontation with these less acknowledged aspects of our own nature; our fears; our sexual hangups (shame); our  abandonment issues, our poverty consciousness, our survival issues. And perhaps beneath it all lies a  fear of our own magnificence. 
"Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?"     (rest of poem at bottom of page)

"There is a part of you that resists, that lurks in the shadows, terrified of your greatness.  Do not expect it to announce itself, for that is not its way. It prefers to be cloaked in mystery, revealing itself in seemingly unrelated symptoms or moods.  It is as much a part of your human life as your yearning.  Indeed, without it, there would be no yearning.

It is only through understanding that this beast is tamed.  You know you cannot drive it from the fields of your consciousness.  You have exhausted yourself trying.

One day you come to the realization that the beast is not a thing apart, that the body has not gone rogue, that you did not just "catch" something. This is not how the universe works, no matter what your mind might tell you. What you have "caught" are your own deepest, darkest fears, returning to you in physical form, begging to be acknowledged and released.

Let us shift our persepctive here and now.  Let us decide that this pain is a messenger.  Let us walk together on this path.  Let us hold hands, for we know how difficult this can be."
Ted Slipchinsky, The Other Ted Talks FB

There has  been an ongoing emphasis on relationship that began  last year with Mars and then Saturn moving through Libra. The recent eclipse between Aries and Libra increased the pressure between  'I and Thou'... providing us with many a mirror for this internal cleansing process, as people around us embodied  or triggered  uncomfortable and unconscious feelings via some sort of crisis, confrontation or disappointment.

This has not been a particularly easy process and some relationships have ended under the strain. On the other hand, many  partnerships and relationships will now be even stronger, because, as we take responsibility for our own 'stuff' (Saturn in Scorpio) we free up those projections and are able to see each other with new eyes.

The New Moon in Sagittarius presents an influx of new energy that will help lift us out of these dark crevices and bring us back into the light. Mars is there ahead of the other planets, forging the trail as it charges at mock speed in search of the great adventure.

And what greater adventure could there be than to find out who we are and why we are here? For without that knowing, we wander aimlessly in the dark, acting out scripts we were handed a long time ago that have nothing to do with who we truly are. Sagittarius is about knowing ourself on a soul level and  this Sagittarius New Moon will re activate the quest for truth and meaning!

In the meantime, and parallel to this opening, there  is still some shadow dancing to be done, as Saturn hovers at the end of Scorpio for the New Moon cycle. On Friday, in the 'Dark of the Moon'... and as the Moon passes over Saturn, these shadow feelings could become more pronounced, and a sense of gloom and doom could prevail.  Don't let it.  Know that whenever a door closes, another one opens. The New Moon in Sagittarius will help open that door.

At the same time, the Lord of karma (Saturn) will remain in a push-pull with  Jupiter in Leo until the summer of 2015,  zig zagging back and forth between Scorpio and Sag  within the field of tension we call a 'square'.  Squares impel us to action  and invoke some sort of change.  Saturn is where we resist change, as we contract and toughen up. For some time now we have been learning through restrictions and  challenges that are forcing us to grow up and take responsibility for our lives.

"We may get glimpses of insight and understanding into recent conflicts and jarring challenges, and find ourselves actually more secure, grounded, and seeing a bigger picture."
Robert Wilkinson, Aquarius Papers

 Jupiter is where we expand and grow. In Leo that is a joyous and generous experience, and Saturn's influence means will be grounded even as we are lifted up.   We will feel things lighten as Saturn moves moving out of the shadows and into the lighter and brighter sign of Sagittarius, though the continuing square means the challenge to growth will continue.

 Its not so bad. Jupiter in Leo is bringing us into a new and  glorious sense of self. This is where we learn and grow and gain  spiritual wisdom through a sense of adventure that includes  play and travel  as well as higher learning.  The combination of Saturn and Jupiter will ensure that we integrate both sides of the journey of self, the ups and the downs. Every great adventure has its trials and tribulations, and it is through these that we 'prove our mettle' to become the best that we can be. As we face our limitations (Saturn) we are forced to grow (Jupiter) and  discover new ways of being (Jupiter in Leo). 

All this is making us stronger and more flexible than we could ever imagine as we continue to move through the great shake down (Pluto square Uranus) that is taking us into a new era.

Meanwhile, watch the Moon as it wanes to a thin crescent, then disappears altogether. As we enter the shadows one more time, become aware of what comes up for you that is ready to be released.   These days just before the New Moon require...  

'a total abandonment, total surrender, in order to allow the next Lunar Theme to sprout in its purity. Let go of all fears, worries, and self-judgment. Become empty, a clear vessel.'     (

The  New Moon in Sagittarius can bring us into an expanded awareness. IT'S TIME TO AWAKEN TO OUR OWN MAGNIFICENCE!   Get ready to set your intention and make it so.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
 Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. 
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. 
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be? 
You are a child of God. 
Your playing small does not serve the world. 
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. 
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. 

It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. 
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.        
                               Marianne Williamson 

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  1. this is a great quote. Similar to, let God "demonstrate, through us, what He can do. We ask Him to remove our fear and direct our attention to what He would have us be. At once, we commence to outgrow fear." Wonderful.