Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Full Moon in Taurus: Enough is enough!

On Thursday November 6th, the Full Moon sits at the exact midpoint of Taurus, with the Sun sitting opposite at the exact midpoint of Scorpio.

This means we are exactly half way between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice. We have  arrived at a peak moment that brings to a head all those issues that have been stirred up by the last two powerful eclipses (scroll down to see recent posts).

Key words: surrender, control, assertiveness, attachment, letting go, getting real, getting grounded, patience, forbearance, trust.

This  midpoint is in fixed signs and is similar to the equinox, when we take a pause to look back to see how far we have come, and look forward to see where we are going.  In the Northern hemisphere where I live, at this time of year much is dying as winter approaches.  The days are getting shorter and the night feels somehow darker as we  enter a shadow dance with nature. As you pause before entering the dark, don't forget to stop and touch the earth.

The Full Moon invites us to take a moment out from all our busy –ness, and let mother earth (Taurus) remind us that all is well, as she grounds and nurtures us in her abundant arms. Sit in stillness, walk in nature, enjoy the crunch of fallen leaves as we breath in the fresh autumn air.

Then, have a look at what you have accumulated in your life. Is it enough? Is it too much? Taurus represents the ‘stuff’ we acquire and how it makes us feel. 

Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) represent the holding and consolidation of energy = power.
Are you feeling empowered or power-less?

Trust is an issue here. Will you make it through another cold dark winter?  Even when mother earth whispers in your ear that you are safe and you are loved, do you believe her?  Do you even hear her? Some of us are made deaf by the incessant drone of survival fears and feelings of lack (Saturn in Scorpio) No matter how much you have,  do you hear only the anxiety driven cries of ‘not enough….’  

Taurus says you do have enough.  You are enough! Find our self worth and intrinsic value. That is the source of your true power.

Jupiter in Leo empowers us by reminding us of our true magnificence. Saturn in Scorpio,  tempers us by making us get real and grow up! Claiming our mastery and facing and owning our foibles is challenging, but has many rewards. Be the master of your own ship!

Venus with the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio says ‘love the one you’re with’. Even if you feel alone, there is someone there with you. Look in the mirror … that one is you!!! Then, once you have faced and embraced our own self, you can share that love with the assurance that you are enough, and there is enough (love, food, money, pleasure) to go round.

This can be a big challenge when those negative voices conspire to convince us that we are alone (Saturn Venus).

Time to shed a skin or two to become the one that knows who they are. Release those old voices. Claim your self worth ! 

And if there are people or situations that are not working in your best interests or holding you back, shed them too!!! But before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, make sure that what you are rejecting is not something you will regret later. The Scorpio mirror sitting opposite the Full Moon reminds us that much of what we see in others is actually a projection of our own stuff.(our own shit!)

It gets tricky doesn’t it? How do we measure these things? How do we know what we need to hold onto and what we need to release?

That tension is part of the Full Moon polarity. The Taurus Moon will put us in touch with our inner sense of self and with our core values, so we will be better able to make those choices. 

 Despite appearances to the contrary, we  do live in an abundant universe. We are enough. 

Be patient with yourself and others as you seek this  midpoint of stability.

From that still point… all things are possible.

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