Saturday, 4 October 2014

What does'nt kill you.....

Some days it really does feels like the 'Grand Irrationality' is getting the better of us!! (astrological energies (septiles) in play at the moment).  The last New and Full Moons set off some serious craziness. 

They both contained powerful links to both Neptune (the world of spirit, dissolving of reality) and Chiron (where we are wounded and healing ourselves) Both were in Virgo and I cannot tell you how may health crisis I have heard about in the last several weeks. These are all linked to unresolved emotional  stuff (Saturn in Scorpio) and not so easily resolved without doing some deep inner work. Facing our inner wound is probably the most uncomfortable and also the most profitable exercise we can do for ourself. Once we finally clean out  the toxic sludge blocking our wholeness we can move more freely and live more abundantly.

There is a very strong focus on relationships with others as the catalyst for the all this inner growth. Nothing like a little conflict to throw us back on ourselves, And what do we find there? It seems the  deepest wounding is around  lack of self love. Maybe we had trauma that split us off from ourselves, or maybe a lack of deep connection  has left us bereft of true sense of belonging. Knowing our true value and purpose is key to finding our way through these challenging times. 

Jupiter (expansion, joy) in Leo (self esteem) right now can really help us move into our true magnificence.

At the same time, Mars square Neptune has been causing a lot of confusion and weirdness in relation to our activities... (look up at top tabs for house position to see where this craziness might be affecting you).  Thank goodness that effect is waning and Mars (action and aggression) is now part of a Grand Trine formation in Fire signs linked to Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. Fire is feisty, impatient, and knows how to get things done. This is get up and go energy folks, so time to get up and get going.

Just be sure to look where you are going!

Cause we all know how upside down things can get when Mercury  turns retrograde. This time the planet of communication is reversing itself in the deep and murky waters of Scorpio, making it very possible to be sideswiped by unconscious issues that are lurking beneath the surface. Saturn in Scorpio has been digging these up all year, and as of today, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will be like a detective ... it will leave no stone unturned in its quest for the inner truth. This aspect  gives us 'night vision' into the depths below (our conscious awareness)  where there is much treasure to be found. It's not an easy task and some of us will resist and be forced into facing ourselves via a crisis or challenge. This is not a punishment, though it is perhaps a pruning. 

 I know it seems all this cleansing and removing  old baggage has been going on for ages! I guess there are a few more layers to go.... so we can finally be who we are truly meant to be.

Saturn (karma, lessons) will soon be in Sagittarius, sign of  the spiritual adventurer and galactic explorer. Mars is there now. Everything is saying lets do what we need to do to make sure this planet not only survives, but thrives!!!  And how can we do that without a sense of our own worth and value? 
Happy people, happy planet!

There is a Full Moon eclipse on Wed Oct 8th which will move some more energy as well.Eclipses bring endings and new beginnings. I will write about that  in the next couple of days.

So, as usual, lots going on. Just remember: 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' 

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