Monday, 20 October 2014

New Moon SOLAR Eclipse in Scorpio, Thurs. Oct 23, (peaks 5:45 EDT/10:45 GMT). Shedding another layer!

Scorpio is about transformation of self through joining with others. It rules sex, death and shared resources (including inheritances, taxes etc). Its symbols are the snake, eagle, phoenix, scorpion. This is where we shed our skin to reveal a new layer of being. It is where the phoenix rises from the ashes.

Eclipses present a break with the past and a chance for a new beginning. At 0 degrees, this eclipse  also links to what is called the 'Aries point' (beginning of the zodiac) and thus is particularly potent (try saying that ten times!!!)   Within its shadow, we can we finally face those hidden parts of ourselves that keep us dancing in the dark. What ever you are clinging to, it’s time to let go.

The period between two eclipses is especially powerful. The Full Moon eclipse two weeks ago in Libra highlighted relationships and the underlying polarization of 'self' and 'other'. (see last post by scrolling down). 

And although a full moon is usually when things come to a peak… that process last time was eclipsed/blocked… so it feels like everything that has been building and building has had no release.  This New Moon eclipse marks a new beginning and will bring great relief as it clears away any residual tension and springboard us all forward at warp speed. Get ready for a quantum leap. (to see more specifically where this might occur for you personally, see tab for ‘houses’ at the top of page). 

Venus on the North Node (collective destiny point) right up to this eclipse has described  a key element in the current evolutionary direction of humankind. Love really is the answer. North Node in Libra  amplifies the focus on personal relationships as the arena for our intense transformation and change. Thing is, there can be no real relationship without a sense of self. Venus in now moving into Scorpio where that which is not you will be peeled away.

Without a clear identity, a solid sense of self, or a clear sense of what you want, you feel insubstantial, passive, and more vulnerable to external influences, especially the wishes of others. Because you feel (at an unconscious level) as if your sense of self can at any moment be overrun by more powerful outside forces, you are compelled to guard against people who seem strong or intrusive, or who get too close. Crisitna Louise Deitrich

So we build walls and layers to keep others out, yet long fervently for someone to overcome our barriers and to love and understand us. 

It’s not just romantic relationships that trigger our issues. These dynamics arise in our day-to-day encounters, work environment, family connections etc. All become the potential battlefields (or playgrounds) for the struggle between separating and uniting, between authenticity and interconnection, that  the current astrology is amplifying.

Pay close attention to what comes to light during the second half of this week for clues as to where your emotional energy needs healing or redirecting. Are you stuck in past hurts or resentments? Do these patterns repeat over and over again? Scorpio puts us face to face with our shadow.  Is it my stuff or your stuff I am seeing?

It’s important to remember that it is the hardest to see someone else’s pattern clearly when that pattern is triggering our own. — HPC curriculum (from above article)

There is hope.  Neptune and Chiron bring deep healing to this New Moon Eclipse. They will help us  heal our inner sense of separation from both our self and  others (and from source?). They tell us that it is this core wound that leads us to distrust ourselves and perceive others as a threat in the first place.

The recent Grand Trine in Fire signs has given us the energy, inspiration and motivation to move forward.

As we begin to heal our core and develop a stronger more healthy sense of self (Jupiter in Leo), we  arrive at the threshold of something larger than us, beginning with the union or connection with another human being or beings.. in Scorpio. Through this encounter, we either get burned and withdraw, or a sense of interconnection and unity develops  that transcends our difficulties.  And why stop there? Now we can begin to forge a link to an even greater reality. 

‘Universe’ means ‘one verse’. One song. We are all in this together. That is what the Aquarian age is all about. “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” (written during the last Uranus Pluto joining that marked the 60’s)

More good news: Besides the releasing quality of this eclipse, and the healing powers of Chiron and Neptune, Mercury’s last aspect before turning direct again on Saturday (just three days after the eclipse) is a positive connection to Jupiter… planet of joy and expansion. 

If you have been feeling dis’couraged’… Jupiter will activate that missing 'joie de vivre' (cheerful enjoyment of life)  like the lion in the Wizard of Oz who found out he had the courage in himself all along (‘if I only had the noyve…lalala)  

This sense of joyful expansion will help transform our strife and difficulties and move us out of oppositional energies into a true sense of unity and community(common unity) .

And remember, a New Moon is a seed time, as the Moon and Sun come together in the same sign,  so whatever intention you put forward now, and particularly in your relationships with others, has a greater potential to manifest. 

Sky's the limit!

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