Friday, 19 September 2014

Autumn Equinox: Weighing all things to make them Equal

The Autumn Equinox falls on September 23 rd this year.

This is the yearly moment when the Moon and Sun will be once again be together (conjunct) in Libra, the sign of the scales.  Amongst other things, those scales represent the equal day and equal night of the Equinox.  At this time we can take a pause in our busy-ness to reflect on our life and express gratitude for all we have been given. Whether a little or a lot(everything is relative), each of us has exactly what we need to grow and develop into the best that we can be.

Both Neptune and Chiron were linked to the last New and Full Moons. Many people I know have been dealing with health crisis’ that took them by surprise. My housemate had a series of small strokes and is going in this weekend for surgery. Another has been sidetracked by sciatica. I had  health issues kicking up as well, and I know of several others.
Both those Moons connected in Virgo, which rules our health, and both Chiron and Neptune can bring out our vulnerabilities and sensitivities. If you have been suffering through something I hope it is starting to clear now. No time to dally we are on to the next lesson....

This New Moon is in the sign of relationship, also represented by the scales. Self and other. Where would be without those we love (or hate)?  Cant live with em and we cant live without em? That is exactly what this New Moon is about. Venus, ruler of the Libra New Moon and thus the  Equinox, is sitting opposite  Chiron, bringing our vulnerabilities and sensitivities into the mix yet agan. This adds to the emphasis on relationship and brings us a chance to both purge and to heal our relationship wounds. 

We have made it through (so far) the chaos and confusion of the  upheaval and breakdown of the world around us (Uranus Pluto squared)  have been swirled about in the emotional waters of last years Grand Cross in Water, then recently have had Saturn rubbing our noses in our deep doo-doo that we would prefer to ignore. 

On top of that,  Mars hovered in Libra for months and months, forcing us to make changes and set clear boundaries in our interpersonal relationships. Then it powed smack dab into saturn, planet of karma and limitations. Some tough lessons eh?   Some relationships never made it through the threshing out process. For the ones that did, we now have a moment of pause to  reflect on all we have been through. Stop and look at who is sitting across from you. Are they friend or foe? Do you see yourself in the mirror  they held up for you? Do you like what you see? And if you don't, how d you change it? Heal it? Transform it?

All of this growth stuff is so boring sometimes isnt it? Thing is... the whole point is to offload our old programming (Saturn in Scorpio) and emotional baggage ( you know the stuff that holds you back and weighs you down?)... so we can be freer and more able to love.  And of course that starts with ourselves.  

This New Moon now offers us the chance to start fresh. Make a wish, set an intention, see things from a new perspective. Mercury (thinking and communication) is close to the North Node (Destiny Point) and opposite Uranus, the awakener.  It is our destiny to have wonderful open honest loving relationships that reflect the magnificent human being that we each are. It is our destiny to know love.

If you just choked on that, there is  still work to be done. Perhaps Saturn in Scorpio will give you a hand!

Neptune is softening our egos  (Mars) and bringing our desires in alignment with spirit. Our more spiritual needs will surface now as we seek to connect on a deeper, more heart felt level. Neptune, at its finest, is about oneness.  If you are ready for something completely different, this current energy can  create new pathways between and around each other. For the truth is, we are not really separate. we are  one.
A new cosmic map is giving scientists an unprecedented look at the boundaries for the giant supercluster that is home to Earth's own Milky Way galaxy and many others. (that little red dot is our galaxy) Scientists even have a name for the colossal galactic group: Laniakea, Hawaiian for "immeasurable heaven."

This New Moon in Libra is about union on the highest level.

Make a wish and let it be so.

Happy Equinox!

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