Sunday, 14 September 2014

Mars in Sagittarius

I am a bit under the weather so this will be short and sweet.

The main news is that Mars, warrior planet of desire and action, has moved into Sagittarius, the cosmic adventurer and Seeker of Truth! This weekend Mars sits opposite the Moon in Gemini and Squared to Neptune in Pisces. This will cause some consternation,  as on one hand, we feel let out of school now that Mars has left the intensity and pressure of Scorpio.

On the other hand, despite being fired up in Sagittarius, our drive to action is being undermined by a Neptunian fog.  This can amplify our compassion for other's suffering and will certainly deflate a few egos, just not so great for charging ahead and having adventures as Mars in Sag is wont to do. When Neptune and Mars combine this way there can sometimes be sneakiness and passive aggressive type behaviour because Mars feels unable to act directly.

Moon (feelings) opposite Mars (aggression) is a bit testy, while Moon square Neptune (the infinite universe) is basically confused, dreamy, spaced out. Keep your emotional communications (Moon in Gemini) on the up and up. Be careful, be clear, be kind,

This sounds like a fairy tale...where the hero (Mars) heads off on an adventure (Sagittarius) and is thwarted (Neptune) by all sorts of mystical creatures or events. He/she/they are tested on every level: and it takes honesty, integrity, courage, plus  compassion and not a small amount of wily skills to make it to the desired goal.

The game is up!!! The adventure has begun.

Heres a Neptunian perspective on all of it.
The Known Universe:

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