Tuesday, 5 August 2014

When Push comes to Shove! Mars and Jupiter square off!

Right now Jupiter (joy expansion travel learning) Mercury (communication) and Sun (our core sense of self, how we shine) are all in tension with both Mars and Saturn in Scorpio. If you have a birthday at the beginning of August or November you might be feeling this tension. Words are sharp, retorts are biting, energies are exaggerated. Grudges get dug down even deeper. Denial grows ever stronger...

We have been dealing with the challenges of Saturn in Scorpio for over a year now as we have been forced to face uncomfortable shadow parts of ourselves (desire, death, destruction, resurrection) No one likes having their dirty laundry exposed, and Saturn here makes us hyper defensive.

Now that Mars has moved into Scorpio and into square with Jupiter in Leo at the same time, people are even more reactive . Mars activates those more hidden defenses while Jupiter in Leo brings out our pride, and arrogance. Lines are being drawn!!!

When Mars aggression pushes against that pride or arrogance you know push will come to shove. One will feel bullied or affronted by the other, one will feel righteous indignation and see you as the instigator of it all etc etc

In truth, both parties are responsible for whatever miscommunication or frustration or effrontery that is going on. And isn’t that always the case? There are always two sides to every skirmish, every disagreement, very battle.

Clarifying our own boundaries is a key part of this dynamic, as well as respecting those of others. To avoid stepping on someone’s toes, be aware that that person is entitled to their own space and their own opinions too. And if someone is pushing into your space or your brain… this is energy that will help you stand your ground and speak your truth. Just be aware of these amplifying tendencies. Think before you act/speak.

The recent amplification of the aggression in Palestine began as this dynamic took hold. Everyone thinks they are in the right and those in the middle (women and children) are the ones who suffer. And suffer they do. It is horrific  to see what is happening and equally frightening to see that the war machine doesn’t seem to stop.

 Iraq, Syria, Ukraine. Palestine, on and on it goes….

It will take a lot of faith (Neptune in Pisces) and courage (Jupiter in Leo) to face and deal with these kinds of scenarios, both global and local. If peace is even possible, it has to start within each of us.

If you are being bullied, or someone is pushing into your personal space, or, if you are bullying someone or taking liberties where you know you shouldn't .... a bit of advice:

What goes around comes around!

Conflict develops when a person feels themselves to be in the right (Jupiter in Leo) and runs into opposition. If one is not convinced of being in the right opposition leads to craftiness. (Mars in Scorpio)
If a person is entangled in a conflict, their only salvation lies in being so clear headed and inwardly strong that they are always ready to come to terms by meeting their opponent half way.
To carry a conflict to the bitter end has negative effects, even when one is in the right, because the enmity is then perpetuated.
Conflict within weakens the power to conquer conflict without. (I Ching, No 6, Conflict)

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