Monday, 25 August 2014

New Moon in Virgo: 'When the going gets tough, the tough get going!'

Have you noticed a sharpness in the air this past week accompanied by the (sad) feeling that summer is ending? As autumn gradually approaches, it is time to reset and refresh our energy, to let go of the lazy days of summer and gather our plans and projects for renewed effort.

Today’s New Moon in Virgo brings us determination, focus, and an increase in both mental and physical endurance. If we plant our intentions in the soil of hard work and clarity something wonderful is sure to result.

Sitting at the same exact degree in Virgo, the Yin energies of the Moon and the Yang forces of the Sun merge together to form a potent seedtime, where we get to plant new intentions and set new goals for the coming month.

Virgo is a perfectionist who likes efficiency and organization. She can be highly critical because she wants us to pay attention to details and get our shit together.  A New Moon here will fine tune our planning strategies as it gets us making lists and sorting out our drawers, closets or filing systems.

Yet even with this Virgo energy sharpening our attention, there is also the urge to dream…  brought to us via Neptune sitting opposite in Pisces. Neptune can be highly creative, deeply inspiring and slightly distracting. The trick will be to find a balance between our creative vision and the need for practicality.

The  reining in of our wild horses (Venus in Leo) 
will be required and brought about by an exact conjunction of Mars and Saturn (will and duty) at 17 Scorpio, which challenges Venus (our money and our love) who is feeling opulent and spoiled in magnificent Leo (its all about me).

Big hearts, big egos, big dreams (Leo, Leo, Leo) combined with intense passions (Mars in Scorpio) could get us caught in the push pull between duty and desire. Saturn represents the limitations and responsibilities we have to face in life. That is the wall that Mars (our physical drives) has just come crashing into. The message is we must slow down take responsibility for what we do and how we act in this world.

Mars is very rash and impatient and always striving to move forward, while Saturn is very critical and cautious, creating doubts, fears or blockages in the best-laid plans. Together in Scorpio, sign of death and transformation, they are a formidable force, pushing us to

 “make firm decisions, understand the right way to proceed forward, and get rid of the BS and take charge of your life.
 Because this conjunction occurs in Scorpio, there is a battle between the good and destructive use of this force.”
                       (The Mountain Astrologer) 

 Scorpio  puts us in touch with our most basic drives, needs and desires, as well as the shadow created by our denial of same. Mars  pushes us to act on those desires. Saturn forces a reckoning.

So if things feel a bit tense, its because our survival issues may be rising up at the same time we are being put to the test. 

Resourcefulness and perseverance  result from working with these energies in a positive way, or defeat, if we let them get the better of us.

“When the going gets tough the tough get going!!! “

This pressure may make us defensive and too quick to judge situations or people. Avoid rashness… a slow and sure approach is best right now. Keep your heart open (Venus/Jupiter in Leo) and avoid taking sides in any conflict. Give everyone extra space and let many things pass...

Extra note: Virgo also rules health issues, which may be brought to a head under all this tension. At the same time, new solutions will appear  as we find the discipline to take better care of ourselves, set up new and better eating habits, start that daily yoga practice etc.

All in all, this New Moon brings us an intense but promising new start, involving determination and self-improvement, a bit of imagination and a whole lot of heart!

Make your intention and let it be so.

Sky's the limit!

Times of adversity are the reverse of times of success,

but they can lead to success if they; befall the right person.
When a strong man or woman meets with adversity,
 s/he remains cheerful despite all danger, and this cheerfulness is the
source of later successes; it is that stability which is stronger than fate.

She who lets her spirit be broken by exhaustion certainly has no success.

But if adversity only bends a person, it creates in them a power to react that is bound in
time to manifest itself.

Thus the superior person stakes their life on following their will.

No 47. I Ching

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