Friday, 8 August 2014

Full Moon in Aquarius: We are all in this together!

 This Sunday’s Super Moon is the closest Moon to the earth of the year…(called perigree)  and will appear significantly bigger than usual. it occurs In the sign of Aquarius at 7pm EDT 9 pm GMT etc.

This Full Moon in Aquarius taps into the sacred feminine as well as our collective angst, and we will need our deepest inner strength and courage (Sun in Leo) to overcome feelings of discouragement and despair. (Sun and Moon squared Saturn in Scorpio)

The Moon in Aquarius links us to all humanity and asks us to step out of our self-centeredness (Leo) into a greater awareness of others (Aquarius).

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is the latest horrific example on the global scale of our need for all of the above… as human beings continue to run amok and kill each other (and particularly women and children)  in droves. It can be more than depressing to watch fellow human beings get destroyed by automated drones designed to totally shred whatever they come in contact with. Yet compassion fatigue can result in apathy and resignation if we feel helpless in the face of ‘mans inhumanity to man’.

More personal battles may also be invoking similar emotions as we face off with whatever challenges our lives bring us. This Full Moon is bringing whatever needs to be dealt with into the open, as forcing us to face issues we would rather avoid.

Aquarius is an air sign and prefers to distance from feelings. Though in extremes that is not helpful, in this case the Aquarian ability to step back from excessive emotions can be useful. The current heaviness of tensions with Saturn (associated with lead) can trigger depression, and fatigue, and some of us may feel completely overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) and shift into avoidance.

If this is you, use the Aquarian energy to step back and see your situation from a different perspective. It can help us avoid taking things so personally. Things are often not what they seem. Then again, sometimes they are worse.

The feeling of blockage coming from Saturn in Scorpio can trigger fear and survival issues, adding depth, intensity, as well as sexual tension, causing us at moments to become numb or paralyzed by the immensity of what is gong on.

Thankfully, the warmth and joy of the Sun shining out from heart centered Leo, though tempered by this Saturnine reality check, still has the ability to keep us buoyant in the midst of adversity. Behind every cloud the sun still shines, and even in the greatest darkness, there is always hope.

So while both Sun and Jupiter in Leo encourage and expand  our urge for personal expression, fun, celebration, etc … and put us in touch with the need to celebrate our unique self, Aquarius reminds us that we are linked us to each other, and to what is going on in the larger world.

The Full Moon will bring things to a peak and it also carries the possibility of a breakthrough, revealing strategies that can move us out of deadlock.
In the meantime, this is a perfect occasion for gathering with others… as we all get more in touch with our humanity.

Other astrological aspects emphasize the rising sacred feminine energy that has been long suppressed, making this a particularly good time for the sacred gathering of women… or anything that involves celebrating our feminine side (whether we identify as male or female)… and the great goddess.   That includes celebrating mother nature, mother earth, our feelings, our intuition, nurturing, birthing new energies, dancing singing etc. Music has a powerful transformative power and can take us out of our stuck places into heart centered connection.(Leo and Aquarius unite)

Venus (love relating) is in sensitive and nurturing  Cancer  and both Chiron and Neptune in Pisces continue to bring transformation and healing to our existential pain.

So although Saturn has injected a somber tone to the proceedings, anything we do this Full Moon weekend, with an awareness of our interconnectedness, promises to bring a deep sense of inner meaning and peace.

Peace starts with each one of us. Pass it on!

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