Friday, 11 April 2014

Becoming a Master of Paying Attention!

The astrology right now continues to be INTENSE!!  The Cardinal Grand Cross is in Full activation, plus we have two eclipses coming up. Everything is going so fast right now that it will take a concerted effort to stay focused and centered. 

 All of April will be like this, as  the combined planetary pressures continue to bear down on us (read last post by scrolling down) with the Uranus/Pluto square peaking Easter weekend (April 20th). Mars' extended transit through Libra, sign of relationships, will continue to be active well into July.

Though a bit daunting, this is also a very exciting, dynamic time. Much can be accomplished if the energy is handled well. We will be tested to see if we can be Masters of our own destiny! 
It is time to step up folks.  Seize the day!!  

Caution: there is a highly impulsive, almost primitive streak within these elements as Uranus in Aries clashes with the obsessive/compulsive influence of Mars and Pluto. All three together are extremely reactive and potentially violent; i.e. an immovable object meets an unstoppable force. 

We feel pressured; yet blockages continue to frustrate our ability to act. Impatience or anxiety pushes us to move too soon.  We push too hard, and  end up getting sideswiped by our own momentum,   (or we get pushed there). 

 Try to bring in some of the famous Libran diplomacy. Be careful of your words as well as your actions. Feel your way through rather than listen to your reactive mind. Remember what I said last week about the zen balancing act it will be to stay on two feet in this push-pull energy field.

And when all else fails... DUCK!!

A sense of humour helps as well!

Luckily, alongside all this wacky energy, there is also a beautiful wave of beauty, ease and grace coming our way. Venus is merging with Neptune right now, and both are in sweet harmony with expansive, joyful Jupiter. This lovely fluidity can help smooth out t the oppositional energy field that is triggering some of us.

Neptune brings us into the spiritual realm, Venus is the planet of love. Jupiter expands both by taking us deep into our soul self, which is love and joy. It shows us there is a third option, which can save us from ourselves.

As this aspect taps into the infinite healing potential of love, it also brings forgiveness. So if you are in conflict with someone, and feel stuck, remember,  there is another way. It doesn’t have to be about being right, or getting revenge. Something surprising and beautiful just might  come shining through when you least expect it.

Use this harmonious aspect to access prayer, mediation, music making, artistic expression,writing. Listen to those gut feelings right now. Open your heart. Take time for stillness. Walk in nature. Connect to your feminine side. Breathe in. Nurture yourself.

And stay in the here and now.  With so much tension in the air,  is tempting to try to escape … yet there is too much going on to allow for a total retreat (well you can try)  

We can use our activated creative side to channel some of the angst, as my sister did with her soul collage practice. Her wild images certainly express the powerful feelings that are surfacing for her as Mars crosses her Libra Ascendant (safer than dumping it on someone). Art is one way to claim our power in a creative and positive way. Physical movement helps as well. 

The increased intuition can also help us navigate some of the crazy stuff, as long as we pay attention.  If you try to float away or get too spaced out, the oppositional stuff could hit you from behind.  With so much chaos all around we need to be awake and alert. Use this inner focus to be more present, rather than to escape difficulties.

 "Become the 'Master of paying attention’."          
                    Prem Rawat

P.S. If none of this applies to you and your life is 'ticking along quite nicely, thank you very much', just be aware that some folks are really going through the mill right now. Compassion for others is a huge part of the Venus Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Don't forget to use it.

Part Two:  Tuesday’s Lunar eclipse (Monday for some)
 The Moon is in Libra, and having crossed over Mars (the agitator) the day before, will now be joining  the North Node (Destiny Point), while the Sun sits opposite on the South Node in Aries.  Both amplify the power and meaning of this Full Moon Eclipse, making it a kind of Super Moon....  (to be continued)

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