Saturday, 1 March 2014

New Moon in PIsces: 'All I need to do is Dream.... '

At this New Moon, (3 am EST and 10 am GMT…  Sun, Moon, and Neptune are close together in watery Pisces. This very non-linear, dreamy, intuitive energy sets the tone for the whole month of March. Get out your snorkel, we are going deep sea diving!!

The sign for Pisces (),is composed of two half-circles and a band, signifying the dual nature of (wo)man in both the physical world and the unseen realm. In the  symbol of Pisces, one fish facing upwards  is swimming towards the heavens, or is seeking spiritual illumination. The other fish swims downward, concerning itself with material matters.

Thus Pisces is associated with the duality of earthly life, wherein we seek the heavens, yet easily get caught up in daily life.  Neptune's prominence in this New Moon emphasizes the more etherial, spiritual side of Pisces (things are looking up).

The intentions we put out for the coming month will  be most effective when coming from our intuitive self, as Neptune is the antithesis of ego driven desire. 

As the planet of surrender melts away our best laid plans, Mars, representing the more yang active part of us, assists Neptune by turning retrograde, thus increasing our inward focus  (Year of the Horse notwithstanding) !!

 This New Moon encourages us to get in touch with our deepest, heartfelt wishes,  rather than expected outcomes. Ahh you say, my wish is to do this or that, or have this or that (or him or her).  Chances are, many expectations and  projections may not come to fruition at this time.  You may as well swim with the rest of us. Come on in, the waters warm.

 Neptune rules the depths of the oceans as well as our unconscious.  As this watery energy dissolves boundaries and takes us beyond the concrete, it blurs our hold on physical reality. Spiritual processes have no regard for our plans or expectations.

 Wanna hear god laugh, tell her your plans!!

 This New Moon thus works in favour of feeling and intuitive perceptions, helping us delve into the deeper mysteries of life.  Sometimes these realms can be confusing, as we are pulled by different parts of our psyche.   Some will feel afloat in a boundless sea of bliss, others will be panicking and struggling to find solid ground. This is the domain of déjà vu feelings and lucid dreams. It is also where we can get lost in delusion, denial, dishonesty. And addictions. Keeping clear boundaries in the Piscean fog is not so easy. 

The New Moon occurs on the midpoint between Neptune and Chiron.  I heard this combo appropriately called the ‘leaky wound.’ ( Chiron, the wounded healer,  amplifies our vulnerabilities, as well as our potential for healing.  Adding to this already unusual atmosphere, Mercury (communication) and Mars (action) will essentially be motionless for the entire New Moon (these effects will last for a few days)

Mercury  has just paused to turn direct after several weeks in retrograde motion, while Mars  is about to start moving backward. Soon Saturn will join him. When a planet pauses before turning around, everything is in a state of stasis, while at the same time intensified (if that makes sense). What it means is nothing is as it seems, and everything is a bit surreal... all adding to the ' Grand Irrationality.'

"It's like the mind (Mercury) and the will (Mars) are holding the New Moon energy in a moment of suspension, seemingly out of time (Saturn rules time)"

The uncertainty that comes with this blurring of edges can unnerve some, while artists, poets, writers, musicians… (as well as mediators and  yogis) will thrive in the creative chaos that envelops us.  In this strange energy field, things can be misinterpreted, misconstrued, or misunderstood.

Relationships that have already gone through so much testing in recent months,  could  be strained in this bewitching atmosphere. Be aware that things can get warped and twisted under Neptune's spell. They can also be highly erotic and sensual, so there are benefits to be had.  Yet, because Venus (love, relating) and Mars (action, desire) are in  tense right angles to each other… and both are sparring with Black Moon Lilith (the wild feminine), our needs and desires could be in conflict with our urge for freedom. Tread lightly,  and beware Murphys Law:  

"If anything can go wrong it will!”

That said, there is a lovely sensitive mystical feeling to this Pisces New Moon and opportunities for healing abound in this highly creative and  healing energy field. 

The alchemical Sun/Moon conjunction shows conscious awareness (Sun) in alignment with our intuition (Moon) and  allows us to draw on both, with the added bonus of the Chiron/Neptune midpoint bringing in the creative, visionary potential of Neptune to  the focusing, healing capabilities of Chiron. Jupiter’s added beneficence will help us cleanse old hurts and wounds and bring a new expanded experience of fluidity and grace.   

As Neptune dissolves the boundaries that separate us, it is possible to feel the unity that connects all of us. The illusion of separation can give way to divine unity (if we let it).

Pisces message is faith and trust. If your sensitivities or woundedness gets stirred up and exposed, know that the result will be positive in the long run. It takes great courage to face this stuff… though really, it uses up far more energy to stay tangled up in our old patterns, than it takes to swim free. 

 I watched a relationship show today where a woman was being overly bossy and her male partner said he felt emasculated by her need to be in control of everything. The very skilled counselor suggested to the woman to let down her armour just a bit and ask for help/support. She emphasized that the man was really eager to be of service, if only he were asked.

The looks on both of their faces was priceless as their true needs were acknowledged. And as they softened their defensive stances (Saturn) , and the relief was palpable. He got invited to act in support of her (which is what he truly wanted to do) and she got to relax and let him in and let down her strong defenses (she admitted she was afraid of being let down so she felt she had to do everything). How often do our defensive patterns keep us separated from those we love (and even those we don’t)? 

 The key was the willingness of both people to be vulnerable and open (Pisces traits) and, when shown how, they each  let go of their ‘stance’. I admit I got a little teary witnessing their healing.

Not everyone is in  partnership,  though we are all in relationship to each other in some way.

The house where the New Moon occurs is where you may feel especially defensive or sensitive right now, yet is also where you are ready for  a profound transformation.  This is where something can shift, and where you will discover your deepest wish. The Piscean realm is excellent for all kinds of creativity and also amplifies our compassion and our spirituality. Today we can feel for others, as much as we feel for ourselves (and vice versa). 

One way to channel so much Piscine empathy is through random acts of kindness. Find a way to give to someone more vulnerable than you.  At the same time, do watch out for Pisces tendency to martyrdom. Don't give at the expense of your own boundaries. We can only give if our own hearts are full and open (though admittedly, sometimes giving is what opens our hearts).

Ultimately, Sun Moon Neptune is about the universal energy source that truly fills us from the inside out. Find the still point inside and breath in universal life force. It's who we are and it brings peace.

'As within, so without.'

 Add to that...  ‘to thine own self be true and thou cants be false to any ‘one’!

 and you will thrive in this wonderful blissful watery realm.

Then, make a wish and let it be so.

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