Monday, 10 March 2014

Mercury Saturn at Loggerheads

Right now there is tension between Mercury and Saturn . Mercury is our communication... and Saturn is... well Saturn is whats behind the saying...'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!'  Do you sometimes feel like you are going three steps forward and two steps back?

Saturn in Scorpio can be very harsh or critical, as well as painstakingly tenacious. It will be hard to let go of perceived injustices under this combination. We might become overly defensive when we find our thought processes or efforts at communication challenged or judged by people.  Others will feel more self critical under this aspect, feeling more easily defeated or discouraged by negative thinking.

Don't lose hope... there is it the same time a very lovely trine between Neptune in Pisces and a Jupiter Moon conjunction in nurturing Cancer. Though this could amplify our emotional reactions, it will also help us access the compassion and caring  that can help us through any tense interactions.

Mars  involvement means we will feel more driven to help others in need. Sometimes when we are in straights with another, seeing their need can get us out of our own drama and into our bigger self. Acts of kindness can help us get through the day. And we can start by being kind to ourself!

Each aspect of the current astrology contains high tension as well as a wonderful fluidity. The positive  angles include points of pressure as well as points of release. This is highly creative energy and can be tapped into for any project or idea you want to activate. And though there could be some rough moments... most conficts will have a silver lining.

Those two steps back could be the opportunity to discover something we left behind or forgot that adds to our forward movement in the long run.

Our relationships continue to be the mirrors that show us where we may be stuck in negative beliefs or habitual reactions. These are not easy times yet filled with so much potential for growth if e re able to see the forest for the trees.

And as always in the current astrology, the  background remains intense with the ongoing Pluto Uranus square, which is heading for another peak in mid April. This is the wake up and shake up of our time and few will be exempt from its powerful forces of upheaval.

With both Mars and Saturn going backward the best laid plans will not run in a straight line... Be patient and know that what is worth waiting for and sticking with is what will manifest in the end. Everything else is grist for the mill...(or dust in the wind)...
Or something like that.

All in all I can say with conviction is that the Grand Irrationality continues.
Are we having fun yet?

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