Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mercury Retrograde: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and (Wo) Men!!

This week, the Sun remains in free thinking Aquarius, while the Moon, in talkative and social Gemini is caught up in tension with Mercury and Neptune in Pisces.  Mercury, planet of communication, is now retrograde in early Pisces, and almost exactly conjoined with mystical dreamy Neptune.

This influence mutes our thinking and our communications risk being less clear, and in many cases, downright fuzzy. This is non linear energy. The more we try to focus, the more cloudy and vague things can get. And the more we say under the chatty Gemini Moon, the less sense we may make. 

The only solution is to go with the flow and take the path of least resistance. Instead of trying to force your left brain to function (logic, structure, linear thought) or force people to understand you, why not utilize this dreamy energy for creative or spiritual exploration. This mystical wave will only last a few days, before Mercury slips back into the more logical air sign, Aquarius, where it will have us rethinking our newly thought out plans and visions one more time.

Meanwhile, under this influence, take some time out for dreaming and delving into your intuitive side. A Moon in Gemini is excellent  for storytelling and weaving the magic of words in a creative way.

Of course, in the outer world of cause and effect, where Mercury rules communications, electronics and the internet… if anything can go wrong… it will! Messages don't arrive, stuff goes missing, things go awry!

My first encounter with Mercury madness came today while cat sitting my housemate’s cat  Rufus,  who somehow got locked outside last night on a very cold -30 Celsius night. When I discovered this I was understandably frantic, and thought 'OMG I’ve killed the cat!' How will she (my friend) ever forgive me!! (bit of drama?) I went door to door with pictures as well as calling the cat over and over (to no avail) My inner voice (which I ignored) said to stop worrying and relax… he would be back by the end of the day… but instead I spent hours printing up posters and searching up and down the back alley. That evening my boyfriend came by and called for Rufus outside the back door (as I had been doing all day). Within minutes, the fluffy old boy came meowing to be let in and all drama and trauma was averted.

Why didn’t I trust my inner voice? Why did I not see him scoot out the door as I put out the garbage? Why, why, why.....?

Mercury retrograde is coyote/trickster energy. Things that can get turned upside down, will… yet can also be turned back right side up just as quickly. (it helped that my boyfriend is a Pisces… he was right in the flow of things that day)

So instead of trying to make sense of things, why not use this time as it is meant to be used? For wonder and magic! Make music,make poetry, make love. Go with the flow!

Though lovely and creative and wonderfully fluid, this aspect can also create all kinds of emotional confusions and misunderstandings between people, so do be extra careful of your communication and double/ triple check agreements, plans, timetables etc. Words, ideas, intentions, and meanings can all be misconstrued and distorted in the Neptunian fog (along with emails  lost and calls missed) . 

The internet (ruled by Mercury) is especially prone to this misinformation… particularly right now. 

A sense of delay can be frustrating to those who took seriously the promise of the New Moon in Capricorn that started off 2014; its purpose was to get us to focus on manifesting our intentions in a concrete way. The next New Moon, in brilliant and forward thinking Aquarius, fueled our ambitions and drive with visions of a glorious  future.

Then, on top of all that,  the Year of the Horse on Feb 4th, promised us new fiery energy and activity to replace the watery introspection of the last year. Just as we are all amped up to get going,  it seems our ship has sailed into a fog and we are becalmed.

What’s that saying about making god laugh? (tell her your plans…!!)

Don’t lose heart. 

There are many positive influences moving us forward, even if we cant see them, and though it seems we must once again stop to re evaluate our plans, we can continue to develop our personal mastery  through increasing our self awareness.

In the winter, when all is white and cold on the surface,  underneath the ground the roots and plants are teeming with activity in preparation for the coming spring. The recent 'Imbolc' celebration (see last post)  marked the halfway point between winter and spring, and though so many of us have been caught in a deep freeze this winter,  it will eventually thaw and things will begin to move forward. 

In the meantime:
 'when fishmen can't go fishing... they mend their nets.'      

(I now I know... mixed metaphors ... sigh)

You know what I mean!!

Hang in there!!


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