Friday, 14 February 2014

Full Moon in Leo! Happy Heart Day!

Happy Full Moon!    Happy Valentines Day! 

Both events happening together today make a good match, if we can understand the energy dynamics. 

The Full Moon is in Leo, which rules the heart! Leo's planet is the Sun. This is where we shine!

Leos are generous, kind, a bit self centered (as in ‘center of the universe!’)  dramatic, natural leaders, rulers, kings and queens (as in drama queens!!).  Leos are excellent on stage, at home with opulence (element is gold).  Leo’s exuberant energy makes us playful, friendly, warm … and generous! (when you have so much, why not share?!). Those influenced by Leo  today will go over the top with flowers chocolates, gifts etc. Skies the limit!

Yet, despite its showy side, the true true meaning of Leo is authenticity! 

“Aurum is Latin for Gold. The symbol for Gold in the periodic table is a circle with a dot at the center. In  Astrology this is symbol for the Sun, which represents the Self.” (from top of blog)

The  Sun and Mercury sitting opposite in Aquarius increase the focus on being our authentic self... as individuals and in relation to others. 

On a day like Valentines Day, Aquarius is less interested in displays of emotion, disdaining the commercialization and commodification of love. These are the mavericks of the zodiac who prefer what is unique and distinct in each individual, going for the unusual gift or card, or not interested at all in what they see as syrupy sentiment.

You can see how this could get problematic depending on which side of the coin your energy tends to fall. Expectations are high on this 'day of love', and a Full Moon amplifies everything and brings energies  to a peak.

As the Brits say: “Don’t get your knickers in a twist!”

Focus on the positive lessons of the signs involved.  Both speak of the special gifts we bring to the world. They tell us to be the best we can be. Poets the world over all agree that 'to love' is the highest a human being can aspire to. The question then becomes, what is love and how do we love?

Aquarius puts us in touch with our shared humanity, and connects us to the larger whole.  It makes us step beyond our own self (Leo) to care about what is going on in the world (and with those around us).  We are all alone yet we are together. This human experience is bigger than you or I. We are a part of it all.  If we are bummed and feel lonely… is there someone we can reach out to? A group we belong to? A social activity to share with others? How ‘bout  volunteering at a homeless shelter for a shift in perspective.

Leo brings out our heart qualities. We can give to ourselves what we want from others. Why wait? Buy yourself chocolates or roses. Go visit a spa or soak in the tub. Pamper yourself. ENjoy this day of loving yourself. Know that you are the queen or king of your own life. And... use that Leo fullness to be generous to others. As I already said ... we are all in this together. Maybe someone you know is alone and a call or card would cheer them up. SOmetimes to give is to get.

As the Leo Full Moon  brings our attention to both personal Love (Leo) and universal love (Aquarius), it asks us to keep our hearts open. Beyond the sugary imagery perpetuated by a media gone mad...  and our deep desire to know love... this is another  chance to discover  a meaning to life that goes beyond the superficial. 

And that is the real message of this Full Moon. And of life.

 If we can love, then we must have love in us. Its not outside us, it is in us. If we desire love... then  it is because we are ourselves desirable. And if we can't, or won't ... (or think others can't or won't) then we know where we have to start.  With, yup...  our own self.

"Everything you are looking for is already inside of you."

Happy Love Day. Happy Full Moon! May your heart be open and your spirit SHINE!!

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