Sunday, 23 February 2014

Expect the Unexpected

Imagine the unimaginable!

Things are a bit nuts right now (yes even more than usual). Yet, tho it is tricky to navigate through this current astrology, there are rewards to be had. It is possible to get  lost in the fog that is being created right now by Sun joining Neptune in the watery, mystical realm of Pisces. This is the kind of stuff that drives some to distraction, while others become inspired and create the best creative work of their life.

In general,  with so much erratic and unusual energy going on, its hard to know what to expect next! These are powerful times. Not a day goes by lately without some calamity rearing its ugly head on the global news scene.  Many of us have learned to roll with the punches in recent years and have probably been "toughened" up by now. (or gone slightly bonkers!)

 If the latter is true, you will be right at home with this weekends astrology. This is the stuff of dreams and visions as we get to peek beyond the misty veils.

The Moon in Sagittarius, at right angles to this unusual energy field … adds a positive vibe that brings out the seeker in us all. Sagittarius contains a homing beacon (the galactic core)  that can guide us through any fog. It’s an internal process that takes stillness to hear it, or more accurately, ‘feel’ it.

If  you feel stymied or flummoxed or turned upside down… stop what you are doing (it wont work anyway) and use the downtime for introspection, meditation, prayer, music, art. This non linear energy field is highly creative, and deeply spiritual... only somewhat frustrating if we are overly rational or trying too hard to force things in some way.  This is the time to take the path of least resistance.

 Escapism is another option. (up to you... but please don't drink and drive)

To Summarize:

1. The ‘Grand Irrationality’ involves septiles (there that explains it…)  named so by  Robert Wilkinson at Aquarius Papers…cause it is!) Feb 24-25 will be in especially high amplitude. 

Expect the unexpected.

2. Today’s Moon squaring Sun/Neptune in Pisces means fuzziness rules, and nothing is what it seems. Take the path of least resistance. 

3. Mercury retrograde adds to the current confusion. Everything is on hold while we figure out what we are doing. Communications and plans get turned upside down during this time.  In quirky Aquarius…  Expect the unexpected!

Meanwhile:  Review the dreams and visions you had for the coming year that came to the fore at the last New Moon (around a month ago). You might have missed something.

4. Saturn square Mercury (which is going backward)
Regroup. Rethink. Re-negotiate. It’s not as bad as you think. It’s not as easy as you thought.

5.Pluto/Uranus Square (amplified by Jupiter)
Really bad things happen, but really good things happen as well. Expect the unexpected!

Robert Wilkinson, Re the Grand Irrationality:

“The fact that much won’t “make sense” isn’t a problem, since “it” doesn’t have to “make sense.” This is about our ability to choose wisely in the midst of majour personal and impersonal pressures. And even when things seem one way, “it ain’t necessarily so,” to quote Ira Gershwin."

Wilkinson says these are ‘fork in the road’ moments, where the choices we make feel destined. Apparently they are.

Use this weekend to tap into your inner realm. You will be rewarded.

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