Saturday, 25 January 2014

Rethinking the past so we can be be more in the Present

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Here is today's sample from Facebook:

"The Moon and Mercury in Aquarius are now in exact square with Saturn in Scorpio...(square = tension) 
combining with Venus (love, relationship, money) 
going backward in Capricorn (authority, success or failure, getting serious). 

These combined energies bring us deep inside our lives and loves ... to ponder and reflect on the emotional patterns from the past that we are still repeating in the present. Some have been inherited through many generations. 

 Aquarius brings us the detachment to step back and see clearly. Jupiter in Cancer helps us celebrate, nurture and set free our inner child. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces bring us profound healing.

 It's all good! "

"What Jung calls “participation mystique,” is the deep enmeshment that can happen in intimate relationships when an individual doesn’t do the inner-work to heal their unconscious pain. The wounds get passed through the generations, metastasizing through our relationships, literally shaping our children’s lives. Sickness my stay in the family tree until someone in the outer branches has enough support and awareness to face and move through that ancient grief." ( from Toko-pa's FB page) to read more go to

photo by Gregory Colbert

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