Saturday, 4 January 2014

Looking back at 2013

Key elements of 2013 astrology:

Chinese Year of the Water Snake: Emotional transformation and healing. Going into the depths and coming up shining.

Grand Trine in Water: emotional cleansing and healing
The rise of the feminine. Getting rid of old emotional baggage that holds us back. Accept, Allow. Absolve. Anoint.

Saturn in Scorpio: more deep diving, getting in touch with shadow (denied and buried pain, fear etc). Claiming own inner authority, power, strength, speaking our truth (with love)   Bringing light into the darkness, becoming resilient. Facing up to our limitations in order to transform them

Mutual reception: Pluto in Capricorn (Pluto rules Scorpio Saturn rules Capricorn so they reinforce each other by their receptive positions)  Pluto is busy dismantling/transforming the power dynamics of the ‘system”. Starts with breaking down the existing order (i.e. defeat of the patriarchy) to make way for the new order…Equality and freedom (Uranus in Aries) . Watch this space!…

Grand Cross/Pluto Uranus Square: Intense!  Shake up and wake up energies. This is the hallmark of our shift from the old paradigm to a new energy field. Pressurized tension.  Powerful Transformation. Clearing the underbrush for new growth. Death of old ideas, power, people. Revolution,  change (and resistance) in whatever area of your chart this is moving through. Stand your ground. claim your power. Not easy but worth it!!

Uranus in Aries: New moment/new choice. New vision. New initiatives. New energy. Higher mind bringing new ideas. Claim your individuality!! Also: rebellion, revolution, urge for freedom.  

Neptune in Pisces: This is where Neptune lives and rules. Powerful creative spiritual energy.  Water yin . Allow the creative universe to move through you, speak through you, open up your soul. A time of Great Blessing. Spiritual awakening.

Chiron in Pisces: working alongside Neptune, healing the schism and false separation from spirit soul source; all that is. Brings up pain to heal it and bring us home… to ourselves. More blessings.

Jupiter in Cancer (with Lilith the wild feminine returns) : Emotional intelligence. The rise of the Feminine: healing expanding our feeling self. Nurturing our inner child, nurturing each other, the planet and our’selves’.
‘Listen to your mother’ (earth). Sometimes is part of  Grand Cross signature (as at the beginning of 2014) : Amplifying our emotions and increasing the current intensity. Overall: Blessings and abundance.

Lilith in Cancer (close to Jupiter) After 6500 years of suppression Black Moon Lilith represents the feminine power standing up to be counted...and she is pissed!! Time to take her power back. This is feisty energy.

Mars in Virgo:  since the summer... attention to details. Finishing projects. Perfectionism vs freedom. Aggression, issues around standing up for yourself at work, health issues, especially re head, blood, heat related issues. Mars was opposite Neptune part of the time: some wonky energy... two steps forward three steps back kind of thing. 

Mars in Libra: (now and for another 5 months back and forth) The challenges to  our relationship patterns continue. Part of Grand Cross at times (like now Jan 3rd) ; amplifies and intensifies the urge to break free from old ways of relating. Push pull, anger issues.   Standing your ground while keeping a balanced relationship to others. Squared to PLuto: Power and control issues.Rage. Aggression. Violence. Lesson: Assertiveness vs aggression.

Overall:  Growing Pains. The Dawn of a New Era!  Started in 2012, continued in 2013 and will reach a crescendo in 2014!  

A new day is dawning. 
The old energy has reached its peak and is now in decline (Pluto in Capricorn). The long trend (thousands of years) of patriarchal rule has culminated in the corporate dominance (the few)  and destruction of  this planet and an intrinsic disregard for humanity (the many)… It has been  based on power over, greed and competition… with no regard for anything but power and profit.  Time for something completely different.  The old order is not going down without a fight. 

It is always darkest before the dawn.

Darkness must always give way to light.

The new era is about becoming who we have always been meant to be (it's about time) The themes are peace, equality, freedom and abundance.    Finding new ways to make this planet work for everyone. Start with yourself. Connecting to your own highest purpose. It's about waking up! 

If you have been in the cross hairs of the Grand Square/Cross and your life is being completely turned upside down and inside out... JUst remember...when one door closes a HUGE window opens. 

 For everyone struggling with these intense energies: The message is...

Peace on earth!! (why not?) (its never been done before...)
Its starts with YOU!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change things, build a new model to make the existing model obsolete”   Buckminster Fuller

“A big part of spiritual growth is to finally get some distance from the hold that our dear monkey minds have on us.”     Ted Simplinsky

Bring in the light (and the darkness will disappear)

"Everything you are looking for is already inside of you.”
                                          Prem Rawat


Coming up: 2014..... Started with  New Moon in Capricorn: 
Walking your talk. Making it real!!

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