Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Howling at the (Full) Moon

Jan. 15, 11:52 p.m. EST: Full Moon in Cancer  -
“Amid the zero cold and deep snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Native villages... Hence the native name Full Wolf Moon’. Since the moon arrives at its farthest point from Earth,  less than three hours earlier, this will also be the smallest full moon of 2014. It will appear 12.2-percent smaller than the full moon of Aug.10, the biggest full moon of the year."        (

Cancer is the sign of the mother, and represents our need to nurture and be nurtured. Right now both Jupiter and a point called ‘Black Moon Lilith’ are already occupying this watery sign. Lilith was the first biblical woman, created as original mate to Adam. When she refused to lie under him, she was exiled and made into a demon.  Eve was  a more suitable, passive model of womanhood, made from Adams rib, and  the ensuing story of the apple and the serpent conveniently blamed women for all the ills of ‘man’kind.

This wild ‘feminine’ spirit has been kept down for thousands of years, while patriarchy (father rule, 'might is right' etc) has raped and plundered not only women, and certain races, but also the mother of all, our planet earth.

The Full Moon in the sign of the mother will stir up our emotional needs,  and amplify the deep longing to reconnect to the nurturing aspect in all of us. Think about what feeds your soul ... is it music or poetry or a moon lit walk in silence? Is it drumming or dancing or making love with passionate abandon? Or is it sitting in stillness and silence, so you can hear (and feel) the waves of the inner ocean? Or maybe it is holding your loved ones close ... or being tenderly held by them?
 (or all of the above)

The feminine archetype not only represents women, and the earth, but the feeling nature in each human being . As the symbol of the sun connects us to the masculine aspect of father, logic and  more outward manifestation, the moon, our mother, is about our inner life, the hidden part of us that whispers in our dreams. Lilith nearby is the wild passionate self that wants to sing and dance and howl at the moon. Both exist inside of us and both are itching to be acknowledged.  

At this time of cleansing and reawakening, we are being pushed to get more fully in touch with our intuitive and sensitive inner nature, as well as our inner wildness, so we can join with our masculine side to create a world we can not only survive ... but thrive in. 

This expansive nurturing Full Moon beckons us to sink into our very soul and listen closely to her  subtle whispers. Only they wont be so subtle right now.  Before the Moon is completely Full, it gets a big boost from Jupiter at 14 degrees Cancer … setting off and amplifying the powerful grand square between Pluto Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter (see my last post)

I just finished watching a television documentary about the 60s… that time of huge personal, social and cultural shifts that were marked outwardly by race riots in the USA,  college sit ins all over America and Europe, huge marches protesting the Vietnam war, the rise of the women’s movement etc. I grew up with those stories in the background,  listening to the amazing music of that era: Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Neil Young, etc singing protest songs and  heralding the  approach of a new age.  

That time of powerful upheaval and cultural revolution was marked by a similar  astrology as now... with an emphasis on Pluto (power control death and transformation) and Uranus (awakening, rebellion, sudden change). Mars (aggression action) was also in the mix in 1965, sitting opposite Saturn (authority, duty and the material world) and Chiron (where we are wounded and need healing). These were explosive, dynamic  times. Then Jupiter  moved into square Uranus and Pluto… amplifying and exaggerating and the revolutionary spirit of the 60's. 

Jupiter is a visionary and a teacher. He represents the seeker of truth in us all; and he is sitting now in Cancer, sign of the mother. This energy is seeking that pure inner child that is the pure soul expression at the very heart of every human being.  Joseph Campbell calls this the ‘golden child’… the original and innocent part of us that came from source. To get in touch with our inner child we have to learn to feel. So many of us are emotionally numb from our daily encounters with a sometimes harsh and unfeeling outer world.

 As I write this, Jupiter and the Moon are in the same exact degree, all cuddly and snuggly in Cancer, the moon’s home sign. This double emphasis brings a lovely softness that will carry us into the Full Moon tomorrow and help us all to relax and heal our hard edges. Momma Cancer wants only to feed and nurture her children. She comes in peace.

At this time of personal, social and cultural upheaval and change, even when it feels like the wolves are howling at the door, we are being given so much love and support to honour our truth and find our way back to ourselves.  

Every person is on a journey home. That home is not far away, or only accessible after we die; it lies at our very core.

Home truly is where the heart is.

Let the Full Moon carry you home ... 
back to the garden:

(And this time, let's get it right.....)

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