Saturday, 7 December 2013

Mercury in Sagittarius: Expand your Thinking!

“Mercury in Sag (Wed) and Mars into Libra Saturday = things are lightening/speeding up! Get on ya horse 'n ride!"                             Tom Lescher, The Pele Report

 For most of this year we have been going through a powerful period of emotional cleansing, represented by a Grand Trine in Water Signs, and amped up by a recent focus in the rather intense sign of Scorpio. That will remain the background with Saturn and North Node still in Scorpio. But things feel a bit lighter with Sun and Mercury now in Sagittarius. In my last post about the New Moon in Sag, (scroll down)  I  described the expansive joyful energies of Sagittarius.  

This is the sign of the freedom loving adventurer and spiritual seeker in all of us. Mercury here asks us to think outside the box and answer that inner call for higher knowledge. (see last post on the Sagittarius New Moon by scrolling below)

Another shift of energy comes as warrior planet Mars moves into air sign Libra, sign of the scales. Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love, and softens the aggressive qualities of Mars.  Mercury and Sun in Sagittarius expand our vision and fill us with optimism.

This current shift of energies leads us toward the Winter solstice yet again,  as  in our yearly journey around the Sun,  and earth and Sun line up exactly with the galactic core. When this happened last year, a powerful group of planets at this same spot, plus an eclipse, heralded the end of the Mayan Calendar and the shift into the New Age. 

Now, a year later, Mars moving further into Libra  is going to set off the Grand Cross formation that has been shaking and awakening our world(s). Mars will be in the sign of relationships for 6 whole months (rather unusual for Mars) which means yet again we will be  awakening to our relationship patterns, good or bad. This new age cannot and will not be anything like the one preceding it, and therefor our most basic patterns and assumptions are going to be challenged and worked over.

Next week’s Full Moon in Gemini (opposite Sun in Sag) will amplify our core beliefs as Sun in Sag asks us to step outside old habitual ways of thinking. I will write more about the Full Moon next week. 

In the meantime, the current emphasis on all things Sag opens up our consciousness and our intuition and helps us step beyond the limitations we have put on ourselves (or others have put upon us).

I came upon a flower remedy recently that describes this dynamic perfectly. Shasta Daisy is about helping us to see the big picture.


“Positive qualities: Synthesizing ideas into a living wholeness, with a mandalic or holistic consciousness.
Patterns of imbalance: Thinking too much by the over-intellectualization of reality, while seeing information as bits and pieces rather than parts of a whole (Gemini)

Shasta Daisy flower essence is for the person who focuses too much on the details of a project, compartmentalizing ideas, but not being able to see the whole picture. In our society we often over emphasize mental work, especially in the scientific community. This flower essence helps a person integrate both emotional and intellectual aspects of life.”  To read more go to

So theres a sense of optimism in the air as well as a cautionary note.

As we head toward the Winter Solstice and the upcoming holidays , the renewed emphasis on the Grand Cross means there will not be many dull moments.  This powerful squaring of very powerful planets is in Cardinal signs; the mover sand shakers of the universe.  

Mars in Libra indicates that there is more learning (or unlearning) to do in the area of relationships. Push-pull power/control dynamics may again be activated bringing up issues of commitment vs freedom as we feel the increasing importance of being true to ourself. These two are not mutually exclusive; they only seem that way sometimes. Walking our talk is the way to end up where we want to be. 

As we get ready to once again hop on this planetary rollercoaster ride, its good to know we have some good vibes coming our way to prepare ourselves. Although these are challenging times, especially if these outer planets are hitting your chart directly,  this process of outgrowing old habits can also be fun if we know how to move with the changes. 

The Sagittarius message is that the only true way to stabilize, is by establishing a strong connection to our core.

Open your heart, know who you are, and be the change you want to see in the world (and in others)!

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  1. I just expanded my horizons and read Proof of Heaven, a neurosurgeon's near death experience and a wonderful book. He reaffirms that the Universe is intelligent and full of love, and that we can do wrong when we live from that awareness. thanks for the planetary news....