Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Full Moon in Gemini Knowledge vs Belief

This is a celebratory, dynamic, chatty Full Moon, with Moon in Gemini and Sun and Mercury (ruler of Gemini) sitting opposite in Sagittarius.

Gemini is the symbol of duality (represented by the twins) and of all the multiplicities of life. In Gemini there is always so much to say. This is  the sign of the mind with all its complexities and intrigues; our curiousity and endless questioning create a great a variety of expressions ... including the strong urge to socialize.

 Gemini is about our daily lives, and Sagittarius is about seeing the big picture.

 Think globally, act locally!

The sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, which is currently cuddled up to the Sun in Sagittarius.This can set up a polarity between what you believe vs what you know. or what you believe and what others profess to know) Gemini wants us to  to think and  Sagittarius wants us to follow our hearts. We can  honour both as we trust  that inner knowing while also accepting that others have their own beliefs and knowing. Its not either-or ... it is either-and.

Both these signs are majour communicators so this Full Moon will have us all talking up a storm. It may also cause foot-in-mouth disease as we blurt out more than we hold back. That could be  cathartic release or  a total disaster,  depending on what gets shared (or over shared) and to whom.  Do be careful of what you say to people. Try not to be too all knowing,  and if someone speaks a bit out of line, try to let it pass!

Sagittarius is known for its blunt truth telling and that can be great and actually quite freeing to be finally honest about things. Just keep I mind that there is  a lot of planetary tension in the background these days,  making people touchy and reactive.

 Because of the links to the grand cross formation  being completed by warrior planet Mars (aggression, sex drive, action) ... I really really recommend you temper (no pun intended) your urge-to-purge with awareness of others feelings and think about what you have to say before you speak.

Easier said than done!

Overall this Full Moon can be quite liberating and brings us a lovely and spirited beginning to the upcoming holidays. We  have Uranus, planet of freedom/changes/sudden surprises, turning direct just a half hour after the Full Moon, so there could also be shocks or upsets in store for some people.  Mars in Libra is going to be stirring up the grand cross all through the holidays. The saying 'never a dull moment' fully applies here.

Christmas time can be tricky; though a wonderful time to gather with family, it is also emotionally touchy for many. Expectations run high and  disappointments abound as family dynamics stir up old patterns, issues, wounds. This rather wild and unpredictable energy is not going to make it any easier.

Expect the  unexpected! Keep your heart open.  Let many things pass. Nurture yourself and others.

And have fun (always) !

 These are challenging times, and they are meant to be, as they shake us out of our complacency and  wake us up to new possibilities.  This year of the Grand Water Trine has helped many of us shed some of the emotional baggage we have dragged along all our lives. That powerful flow of yin feminine energy is still active and links to the Full Moon  to continue bringing blessings, healing and emotional mastery to those brave enough to swim in her waters.

Uranus, the awakener is in opposition to Mars the planet of aggression. This combo is erratic, upsetting and potentially accident prone ... so please drive carefully and do take your time. Go slow, stop a lot along the way, enjoy the scenery but keep your eyes on the road.

Hmmm... Sounds like a life philosophy!

 It's  all good as long as we continue healing our hearts, awakening our souls and expanding our consciousness.

Happy Full Moon!!

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