Saturday, 5 October 2013

New Moon in Libra (Friday) FInding Balance Amidst Chaos

A New Moon is a seed energy created by the combining (conjunction) of Sun and Moon in the same area of the sky. As Sun (conscious) and Moon (unconscious)  join forces, whatever intention we put out at this time will carry over into the coming month. The astrology of the New Moon also gives us a sense of the overall energy we will be dealing with in weeks to come. A sliver of light will start to appear as the Moon begins anew its monthly cycle.

The New Moon yesterday was in the sign of Libra. This puts the focus on balancing and harmonizing our relationships. Sun (masculine) and Moon (feminine) in conjunction bring out the inherent dynamics of union. In Libra we seek fairness, justice and harmony.  That may be a bit tricky now, because, as usual these days, there are some strange and intense energies going on. 

Both the Moon and Sun in square (tension, action) to Pluto (the destroyer, transformer) and Jupiter (expansion, exaggeration) and opposite Uranus in Aries (breaking free, new vision, the awakener)

This can create very polarized situations, with all aspects fighting for dominance. We resist change; we are impelled to change. We want to break free, we want to be in control, we want to protect and cherish, we want to break down and destroy. We want to be left alone, we crave company. The ensuing tension can rattle the best of us.

We will really need Libra’s harmonizing effects to get through this with ease and grace.

A grand cross formation, with the focus equally on all points, is  like a diamond; the extreme pressure can crush us, or it can form something that is beautiful, clear and extremely durable and of great value. 

This diamond of great value is made of fairness and discernment (Mercury), perseverance (Pluto),generousity and flexibility (Jupiter) , creativity and innovation (Uranus).

What will crush us is our  ignorance (what we ignore) , stubbornness; inflexibility, fear … resistance.

Amazing what a relationship can bring out in us eh?
So much to hold onto, so much to run away from.

Yet really, it’s all in us. The other is just the trigger, the mirror.

Saturn in Scorpio continues to demand that we face our own foibles and take responsibility for our own sh*%!!
Don’t follow the example of world politics, where everyone says it’s the other guy’s fault. No one steps up and nothing changes.  Mars coming opposite Neptune means this game of smoke and mirrors will continue.

We see this in play now as most powerful government in the world is shut down, the Fukashima nuclear disaster is (potentially) about to blow (again) leaking dangerous levels of radioactive material into currents that will take them around the world (Pluto rules radioactivity), world financial markets continue to teeter on the brink of collapse, rising sea levels threaten coastal cities.... on it goes.

Sorry, I know you don’t need me to remind you that it's a mad world!! There is always drama and trauma going on throughout history.  Yet there are key times when everything seems to be happening at once, and this is certainly one of those. This time has been prophesied of for along time now; the birth of a new age is upon us.  And if we look at the planetary signatures occurring now, we get a sense of the energies at work. There is so much potential for growth and for change;  nothing is solid, nothing is set in stone. 

That can be a good thing, or a bit scary!

If you are in the cross hairs at this moment (duck!!)!... it’s very important to work with, not against these powerful energies. No point in resisting, they are more powerful than you. They can transform you even as they strip you down. And it can be very exciting to break free of old restrictions, as long as there is something better to replace them with. The trick is to do it consciously.

We are co creators in our own lives, which means we can respond and react to events according to our own choice. And though it can be somewhat daunting and/or overwhelming if they are hitting you directly, these highly creative, dynamic forces of change can bring much needed clearing and positive movement into our lives.

New Moon in Libra says: see the beauty in it all!! Find inner balance in the midst of outer chaos. Love the one you're with.

And you will emerge victorious!!

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  1. so what about this weekend, full moon, eclipse on friday, and lots more tango of the conscious/unconscious dance.
    curious minds want to know...