Friday, 18 October 2013

Full Moon Eclipse in Aries: A Quantum Leap Forward

Aries is the sign of initiative, of self, of taking risks and starting something new.  It is the sign of the warrior, the leader, the self made man or woman. Aries says 'do it now!'

A Full Moon brings to a peak whatever intention we put out at the previous New Moon (whether intenionallay or not)... which was in the opposite sign of Libra... and about finding harmony, beauty and balance in our lives, and about getting along with others.

The New Moon in Libra was particularly intense and noteworthy due to its being in line with the impressive grand cross configuration that  marks our current era of radical change an upheaval. (if you scroll down to past articles I've written of this quite frequently.... likening this pattern to the pressure and strength of a diamond).

At the New Moon, Sun and Moon in Libra (relationships...) squared  Jupiter in Cancer (profound emotional transformation) and Pluto in Capricorn ( powerful change and breakdown in authority systems) and sat opposite Uranus in Aries ( sudden change, shocks, radically new insights)... thus bringing many factors to bear in our interpersonal relationships.

The Sun today is in (late) Libra and today the Moon sits opposite in Aries.

 If you are a Libra (or have Moon or Asc. there) you are likely going through some shake ups right now (or for that matter, anyone with aspects in early degrees  of the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) Cardinal signs are the movers and shakers of the zodiac. They stand at the beginning of each season and mark forward moving energies.

Or if these planets are aspecting any of your personal planets, you too will be feeling the impact of this configuration (go to to create your own astrological chart for free... or contact me for a consult).

 The  transformational pressures of the grand cross have been focused rather acutely on our  relationships (self vs other), putting our patterns of relating  in the cross hairs. It may feel like something wants to shift on a very deep level, like you are trying to shake off a deeper layer of emotional baggage.  Sometimes this process can be uncomfortable and activate resistance.

Don't believe that voice that says no no no.
The message of the day is  yes, yes you can!

Today's Full Moon brings these energies to a peak,  and that which has been up for revision/scrutiny is about to take a quantum leap forward now. In Aries, it calls for  renewal and intiative. Time for something completely different. But please don't go and throw the baby out with the proverbial bathwater. The trick is, in balancing our personal needs and drives with those we interact with, what is important is not doing things the same old way.

Eclipses mark sudden endings or shifts in consciousness. An eclipse hitting your chart directly says something is finishing in your life, a door may be closing forever... which is going to open a window for new energy to enter your life. The change may not happen all at once; its effects will ripple out for months to come, yet in hindsight that we will see the seeds of change were started at a particular moment.

This could be that moment.

 In general, the eclipse joined with an Libra/Aries opposition,  says something in our personal relationships may be about to change, depending where it falls in ones birth chart.  If it happens in your 10th house, for instance, it may be relationships around your career or pubic life, or in the 4th house it will effect your family; in 3rd house your siblings or neighbours etc etc. If you look at the tab at the top re 'House Meanings', you can get a general idea of where deep change is needed and/or where you might expect some big shifts in awareness.

Then, in two weeks, we will have a second (solar) eclipse, this time in Scorpio and conjunct Saturn (karma, lessons). Again, I have written extensively about Saturn's effects in Scorpio (see top tab). Its about facing our shadow self, the parts we tend to suppress or avoid. For some it is their laughter and joy that has been denied, time to lighten up and lear to enjoy life. For others, it is the opposite ...  time to grow up, get real (get a job!) etc. Each of us has our own secrets, hidden dreams, desires, fears, shame etc.

Saturn is forcing us to come to terms with these rejected parts of ourselves... by asking us to face and integrate them. An eclipse here will affect these issues big time. Maybe a niggling issue will finally be resolved in the area where Saturn sits in your chart right now.

These two eclipses are interconnected and the time between them will be highly significant.

When we take stock and deal with unresolved issues (Saturn in Scorpio),  it will likely have an direct impact on the people in our lives (Libra). Your need to assert yourself (Aries) can create a ripple effect.

So for instance, if you are unhappy at work and have unresolved issues with co workers, something may come to a head which pushes you to quit or change departments etc. This may trigger deeper issues with authority or getting along with others that is rooted in your family of origin or childhood patterns, forcing you to finally deal with old buried fears, anger, insecurities etc. Decisions you make (or moods you get into) directly impact your home re income or you suddenly find yourself being out of work and starting in a while new direction etc.

Or, as in a recent reading I did for a friend, these planets are hitting the  7th house (marriage, partnerships etc)  and her (IC, root)  She is ending her marriage (7th hs)  of many years, which  means selling the family home (root, ic) etc. She has been putting off making a decision, as this will obviously effect her in so many ways, and I suspect these eclipses will push her to make a move. Something will shift, of that I am sure.

Or, if this Full Moon eclipse  doesn't do it, then the exact square of Uranus Pluto (Nov 1st) might.

With  Mercury about to go backward, some chaos can be expected, plus it will be a time of inner reflection and going back over things. In Scorpio, this could also mean new information coming to light... as often happens right when the planet of communication turns backward, or when it turns direct again several weeks down the road.  Overall, the coming Mercury retrograde,  starting this coming Monday, will add some more subtle effects to the changes at hand. I will discuss in more detail in my next blog post.

The  forecast is therefore  a combination of accelerated change triggering deep reflection, resulting in long term adjustments and a new approach to our relationships in the areas affected by the eclipses..

Please remember, there are no 'shoulds' in astrology; we can only describe the elements in play and point to potential pressures, influences, hidden dynamics etc. Choice is always ours. Even if the winds blow in a certain direction, we can choose how we set our sails.

In terms of this Full Moon Eclipse, and the following Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, the main thing to know is that there is  for accelerated change in the air and an intensification of whatever clearing process you are in.

If you have been experiencing the pressure building, you may feel a big release today, or over the next few days. Keep an eye out in the next few weeks. The astrology is pushing things along at mock speed and between now and Nov 3rd eclipse; key relationships may take on totally new positions in your life.

Depending on where the eclipse falls in your your personal chart, I would say this is not a time to just drift along, Something is shaking us awake and will continue to do so. That something is pushing us to step up to the plate and take responsibility for how we live our lives and how we relate to each other.

Time to open our eyes and see who is sitting across from us (Libra). Time as well to look in the mirror and see who it is that is looking out through our own eyes (Aries). Is it a true likeness you see, or just a reflection of others (Full Moon)?

All the Astrology of the past few years is about a radical shift in consciousness.  At the dawn of a new era, the old fear based ways must die (thinking, relating, doing, loving). This can be disorienting at the least.  In this time of rapid change and growth we are challenged to find our true north ... our guiding light, our truest self.

The Full Moon in Aries calls us to seize the day and take the next step. It gives us the courage and initiative and the  oomph we need to gather our strength and do what we've got to do. 'Carpe deum' ...  Seize the Day@


  1. shining our light on the shadow, and accepting to live without hiding our light, two aspects I see unfolding now, as a Scorpio with LIbra rising....

  2. Libra with Scorpio rising, I hope so...Iwant to come out into the light after years in the dark.