Monday, 14 October 2013

An Attitude of Gratitude

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. I am cooking the traditional turkey ... which the native community calls the 'giveaway' bird. It's symbolism is about giving as an act of honouring all those who are in our lives and the abundant universe that provides life for all. I am deeply grateful for my family and friends  in my life  who  remind me of the beauty of being human. The newest addition to our family is my granddaughter Izzy, who at 10 months old is so innately happy, inquisitive, and open to everything. Born under the sign of Sagittarius, she is truly an embodiment of the current Venus in Sagittarius energy.

Venus is love, and Sagittarius is about being our truest, largest self. And about gratitude.

Children remind us of our innate innocence through their pure nature ... still intact before so much gets dumped on them in the process of adapting to the outer world. Then their journey, as ours,  is to find our way back to that original innocence. Too bad we have to lose it... but anyway...there is a way back and luckily, after so much searching, we discover it was inside of us all the time. That  is the Sagittarius journey. It calls us home.

 I am very grateful for the reminder my little Sagittarius  brings me when I see her cheeky grin.

 I  think we can also honour those who are not so comfortably in our lives, because they are often our greatest teachers. I have a few of these uncomfortable mirrors right now, as Saturn moves through my most hidden 12th house. They are showing me my own shadow side very aptly, as Saturn in Scorpio is urging them to do. The work of self recognition is sped up considerably by these people don't you think? (even though sometimes I do wish they would just go away!!!)

The current astrology continues to be focused on relationships and transformative love. The New Moon last week  in Libra,  sign of relationships, urged us to  find harmony and balance with others in the midst of so much chaos.

Libra's ruling planet, Venus,  just moved into Sagittarius, sign of expansion and freedom. Sagittarius is the location of the galactic core, centre of our universe. It is the sign of a universal force that is continually sending out a beacon... to guide us back to source.

The planet of love,  now activating that call, is amping up our adventurous spirit. Venus also now still slightly squared Mars... (waning) as well as Neptune. Mars/Venus squares are feisty, scrappy times that can also provide us with some extra juicy erotic charge. Venus Square Neptune warns of illusions and attractions that can pull us off course. Addicted love falls under this influence. Yet ironically, this aspect can also signify a most spiritual awakening through love. Choose wisely.

With Mars and Neptune sitting opposite each other, Mars ego drives are weakened.  This can be frustrating as sometimes our actions (Mars)  do not bear fruit under the misty veil of Neptune.   Mars in proud self centred Leo does not like this at all... yet that humility will be useful when Mars moves into Virgo and the focus is more on service to others. Meanwhile, when plans go awry,  we can learn a little humility as  Neptune in Pisces activates our compassion and our forgiveness of ourselves and others.

In all of this, Venus in Sagittarius is the focal point . She invites us into a more expansive, spiritually based love; a love that is not about possession or pettiness or ego, but on a sense of who we really are.

There's a beautiful prayer that reminds me of this:

"I am infinite being, innocent, whole, free. All is forgiven, all is released."   (source unknown)

There is a lot more to say about the upcoming Eclipse Full Moon this Friday, Oct 18th... but I think I will leave it till next post.

In the meantime, if you feel a bit lost....  remember that, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, all we  have to do is click the ruby slippers and say...

"There's no place like home, there's no place like home"...

Gratitude opens the heart.

Happy Thanksgiving/Harvest from Canada.

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  1. I have Saturn transiting my 12th house Scorpio also and life has been unpredictable since it got there back in October 2012. Right now I'm ecperiencing my Mars return and Venus return. Venus has me quite hopeful. Venus in Sagittarius is my Venus return and in the first house. I could use a few breaks, especially on my birthday in two days.